I Will Sew For You

I do not take part in unselfish sewing. I rarely sew for others. Mostly because I have very little sewing time. Also because usually people want you to mend things. Hmmm…not very fun. I do hem hubby’s trousers since he cooks for me.

Anyway, today I saw a kaftan blouse, designed by Michael Kors, selling for $497. On sale. Half price.


 Looks a little like my kaftan blouse


Mine is also silk.  (This one is poly chiffon but still nice.)  I will sew it for you for half of the sale price!  $248.50!  Email me your order.  😉

Seriously, who paid $995 for this?!  Poor dears need to learn how to sew.


18 thoughts on “I Will Sew For You

  1. so funny….I rarely sew for others. So much to learn and do in garment sewing for myself. I may consider the Nettie pattern for my daughters…we will see. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. 🙂

      • Exactly! I am never quite sure if they will wear the stuff. 18 and 14 years old….I am trying to involve them in the process by choosing fabric and pattern but it isn’t exactly working. I may just stick to making them sleepwear.

    • I love some name brand stuff but never regular price. And only if the fabric is exceptional.
      My crocheted neckline was from a Hilfiger t-shirt. That I did NOT pay full price for. 😃

    • I once worked at a flower shop in a posh area. Some women came in each week and ordered flowers for every room in their houses. Amazing!
      I think some people just try to find ways to spend. We should help the MORE fortunate and teach them how to sew!

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