Finished: Western Wear Funnygrrl Style



Remember I found the fabric here.  It was destined to be a western-style skirt.  I thought all metallic denim would be too much.  Even for me…and the Stampede.  The photo above was taken after about 5 hours of walking the grounds, watching the chuckwagon races, and a huge company Bar-B-Q (about 900 people) so forgive the wrinkles and crazy hair.

In my stash I had a fairly heavy weight stretchy knit fabric in black.  I liked the idea of black stretchy panels on the sides.  For the look but also to leave room for things like Colossal Onions.  (See photo above.)

I styled it with a black cami with lace and a chambray shirt (both purchased) to try to western it up.  I don’t have a cowboy hat so the black and white trilby would have to do.  Side bar: I received so many comments about not wearing a cowboy hat. “Nice cowboy hat.” being the most common.  Last year I wore a sunhat.  I love hats but I’m not going to put on a heavyweight felt hat in the middle of July.  Rant complete.


Here are some details.  Believe it or not, this is the same pattern as my green eyelet lace midi skirt.  I just made the short version with the straight side panels instead of flared side panels.  You can’t see the detail to well in the photo above but there are top panels, mid-panels, and bottom panels.  I topstitched (edgestitched) each one and it looks really good in person.  I used black thread for the black panels and yellow jeans thread for the gold panels.  I threw a little mini-dance party everytime I completed one.  My new sewing machine is so consistent.  I LOVE IT!


fabric before washing

The gold faded quite a bit after washing.  I will likely hand wash the skirt so i don’t lose too much of the colour.  It kinda makes it what it is, ya know?  That being said, I may have enough left for capri-length leggings.  Do I dare?


7 thoughts on “Finished: Western Wear Funnygrrl Style

  1. Cool skirt, I have lingered over metallic denim on fabric sites, but I couldn’t think of what to make from it. Love your idea of combining with heavy knit.

    • Thanks! It really was a case of trying not to look like a clown. The pattern lent itself to knit panels.
      Beware washing metallic fabrics! Glitter ends up on the fabrics it is washed with!

  2. You know with the gold toned down a bit with washing I think they would make awesome capris. Good warning though about the glitter spreading in the wash, another reason to handwash.

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