Fabric from the desert: 2014 Edition

This was our third trip to the Palm Springs area. And I am sort of lying when I call this post “Fabric from the desert” since I bought the fabric in Los Angeles. Not the desert. Anyway, it came via the desert. :). We took the opportunity to visit the garment district in LA while we were in California.

First up is hubby’s choice for his trucker jacket test garment. It is a beautifully soft corduroy in a pale grey, almost silver. I love it and I hope it is a wearable muslin. We’ll see.


Next is a stretch denim for me. Both of these were from Michael Levine’s. I am going to try my hand at jeans. Pretty nervous about it but I think the dark denim could hide a lot of mistakes. 😉


I heard about this shop from a blogger who did a video about the Fashion District. Tex Carmel was amazing! The owner was so kind and funny. I picked up the silk with the Roman figures and smiled. (At least they looked Roman to me. Am I way off?) He immediately unrolled it, it is only a remnant. He offered me an okay deal and I was ready to walk away…but at the last second I took it. Might become a purse.


To give you a closer look at this floral silk. Right away I thought “lingerie” but hubby thought “dress” so more people will see it. What a gem!


We also stopped at Michael Levine’s Loft. Fabric sold by the pound. The vast majority of stock was scrap. But husband’s sharp eye saw this tweed. He said it would make a great Chanel style jacket. Okay, he didn’t say Chanel but I knew what he was talking about. 2.5 yards cost $7 total and the bolt said it was originally $10/yard.


The Fashion District is amazing! Dozens of shops. I also grabbed some metal zippers which I’ve really loved working with lately. I recommend a trip if you are in the LA area.

Have you been to the LA Fashion District? Were you overwhelmed? What do you think of my grabs?

5 thoughts on “Fabric from the desert: 2014 Edition

  1. I’ve been up to LA a few times, and the first trip, I was completely overwhelmed! But since then, I’ve gone with a plan and that helped a lot. Unfortunately, the day I went to Levine Loft it was really hot and so I didn’t feel like sticking around to find any gems. Although I did some good damage in the regular Levine store. 🙂 Your husband has a great eye though – that tweed will make a nice jacket!

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