I Can’t Help Myself

Every time McCall’s has it’s pattern sale, I buy.  Okay.  Not every time but I gave in this time.  I have a fairly large pattern stash but it fits into one IKEA box and one pattern box.  It’s not extensive.  Just abundant enough.

I got the DKNY blouse and skirt pattern.  (Sidebar: Why are the sleeves so short?  I feel like they need to be to the wrist or a couple inches shorter than this to look intentionally bracelet length.)  And the Badgley Mischka Fields of Dream dress.  I could wear this to the Oscars.  I didn’t receive my invite to the Academy Awards yet but it might be stuck at the US border…maybe?  It’s still early.


I also got the wide-legged trouser pattern that I flipped over when I first saw it.  Also the Vogue dress with the A version sci-fi capped sleeves.  I want to make this in basic black.  The waist yoke will create some texture/dimension. 

I also ordered the coat pattern.  I don’t remember ordering it.  Or why I would have.  Unless I saw the finished garment photo (?). 


In the white it is gorgeous.  Did I picture myself in something for early spring/late fall?  I don’t know why I ordered it.


Anyway, I’m stitching away on my polka-dot vintage dress.  It’s coming along nicely.  Let the bodice out a bit in the centre back and side back seams.  I added an inch to the bodice length and I think this was a great add for me.  I love a high natural waist but this style with the longer, straighter skirt will look better with a lower waist.


What are you up to?  Did you reach your sewing goals for the year?

What I’m listening to: Ride On/Right On by Phosphorescent

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Help Myself

  1. I decided to go easy on goals last year- guess Id better go back and see what my next 2 weeks needs to cover! Why are the sleeves girl frankenstein length? Are wrist knobs the new sexy?

  2. I find that when I order patterns I forget what I ordered and then when they arrive sometimes I wonder what I was even thinking when I ordered them LOL. Hope you get your invite to the Oscars! You totally need a reason to make that dress! Loving the look of the wide leg pants as well.

    I didn’t really achieve my sewing goals for this year but hey there’s always next year lol. At the moment I’ve got a maxi dress all cut out and waiting to be sewn. I drafted the pattern from a maxi dress (RTW) that I’ve had for a few years and have worn to death… she’s kind of getting threadbare. It’s just a cool comfortable house dress… and I’m hoping the one I’m making will be just as comfortable. Hopefully I’ll get it finished before 22nd December as I’d love to take it with me to Bali for our Xmas holiday 🙂

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