Housekeeping and Sewing Plans

As seems to be standard operating procedure around here, on my day off Monday, I organized. Last statutory holiday The Husband cleaned out the storage area in our underground parking garage, I organized the bathroom cabinets.  (So many tiny shampoos…) This holiday I spent organizing my sewing room.  Stein took a much needed day off.


It is so nice to go through your fabric stash. I got a little reinspired. Better than feeling overwhelmed. Last week I was all set to cut into my navy with white polka dot fabric to make my first Cambie. But as I read the suggested fabrics and looked at other folks Cambies I rethought the pattern. The navy is very drapey, very little body. Most Cambies were made using fabrics with more body. Especially the full skirted version. I didn’t want to be disappointed in my first Cambie or cutting into the fabric I’ve hoarded for months…years(?).


I decided instead to sew this Vogue 8875 reprinted Vintage dress.  It will be nice with a drapey fabric.  And the polka dots will look so cute in the vintage style.  I cut out the pattern pieces.  11 in total!  And cut out the fabric.  I hope to start stitching this weekend.


Most sewists who commented when this pattern was released said that it was nothing new and a little bland.  I think the plain lines will be beautiful in my digital print fabric that I splurged on during the sewing meet up in Toronto in August.  I was looking for a dress pattern with sleeves that were cut with the bodice and not too much detail so the fabric can shine.


So the polka dot version is a bit of a wearable muslin.  The feather digital print fabric will be a showstopper for a January wedding that we are attending.  I just hope I don’t look better than the bride…  🙂

How do you spend your days off?  Do you regularly revisit your fabric stash?

What I’m listening to: Fame by David Bowie (watched a Bowie documentary today – 5 Years.  Fascinating!)

15 thoughts on “Housekeeping and Sewing Plans

  1. I am delighted you are making that dress. I purchased the same pattern. I particularly like the outfit idea with the coat. Using the digital print is a great idea. I just finished my breton style T shirt with the fabric I bought at our August meet up.
    I often change pattern/fabric choices. For me, the first idea is often not the best one. I think because I get so excited at the planning phase my judgement gets a little blurry.

  2. Oh the fabric stash! I have sat and photographed every darn yard I own, measured the meters and bagged the lot yet I still return to my fabric draw and turf it all out when I’m in the mood for making. I never got round to making that digi inventory…. it takes all the time out I use for procrastinating and buying more fabric! I am about to embark on a cambie. Wish there was a sewalong as I don’t read instructions even when I am reading them! I’ve followed you to keep an eye on your progress 🙂
    good luck with the vogue make.
    Elle xx

  3. Seems like a good pairing of print and pattern to me. While I’m not super-keen on the print Vogue used, it’s good for visualizing that it really will work well with a print. It will let your very pretty fabric shine and I think it will suit the polka dots well too. Here’s hoping for a wearable muslin.

  4. Your fabric is gorgeous and is going to look great with the Vogue pattern for sure! Love the idea of the built in sleeves and that’s one less seem and no easy to deal with LOL. I too love going through my fabric stash and rearranging it too. I like to be able to see my fabric so I always have it on the shelves. I had bought storage bins and was going to take pics and set up an inventory list etc but then realised I’d still end up pulling all the fabric out as I love to be able to touch and feel the fabric and see how it drapes… so the storage bins to put to other uses instead. I too have the Cambie pattern but have never used it yet.. I suppose I’ll get around to it one day as I keep looking at the pattern in my stash when I’m on the hunt for a sewing project. Maybe in the new year I’ll get around to it. Looking forward to seeing how your new dress looks as I think it’s going to be stunning on you 🙂

    • Thanks! I hope the dresses turn out.
      I also love to touch my fabrics. That’s why buying fabric online is scary. I still do it but it’s more difficult to pull the trigger on the purchase when you can’t feel it.
      I’m glad you got the patten pyramid posted! I can’t believe that package took 8 months (?) to get to you. I know we live far apart but seriously?!

      • It sure is scary buying fabric online… kinda like a lucky dip lol. That’s why when I go on holidays I stock up big time. I won’t tell you how much I spent when we went home to the Gold Coast but I’ve got enough fabric to last me for quite a while. Going into those fabric stores was like being in heaven and I touched just about every piece of fabric and wanted everything but contained myself a little. Hubby was with me but thank goodness he knows how much I love to sew and was happy for me to have a little fun and buy what I wanted… good thing is he even paid for it for me! Gotta love a man that does that 🙂

        I can’t believe how long it took either. The only thing I can think is that it got lost or fell in the back of who knows where and then they must have found it or something… good thing is though it eventually got here and I can now pass the patterns on. Thank you for the little present, I love it and it’s so cute!

  5. I’ve just had a stash redo recently as mine had got distinctly out of control! It’s very therapeutic isn’t it? Really looking forward to seeing how you get on with your Cambie pattern ….. It’s one that I’ve had for ages and I think it looks so lovely.

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