Top 5 of 2013!

top 5

Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow has created a spot for sewists to share their top 5 hits and misses.  Take a look to see some fabulous makes from 2013.

I am only going to share my hits.  I don’t get enough makes in the year to have 5 hits and 5 misses.  The misses are probably sitting in the UFO pile.  This is my least productive year since I started sewing.  Not completely sure why…

Anyway, here they are:

Funnygrrl’s Top 5 Hits of 2013

5) Red Salsa Skirt


A red pencil skirt with a surprise flounce.  I wear this quite often.  It is technically a wearable muslin but I haven’t gone on to complete the skirt out of its intended fabric yet.  Maybe in 2014!

4) Adey Kaftan Top


This was my go-to blouse of the summer.  You also see it pictured here with my other new 2013 treat.  My new Fiat, Donatella.  Anyway, it is a simple blouse but I love its flowing sleeves and crocheted neckline taken from a RTW top.

3) English Rose Alma Blouse


The English Rose Tunic that actually made it to England!  What I like most about this blouse is my idea of adding lace sleeves, collar and hem.  I think it makes an ordinary tunic into something a little special.  This is styled for vacation but back at home I’ve worn it with cream trousers to work.  It is a very pretty look.  A little unusual for me.

2) Red Polka Dot Alma Blouse


I wear this blouse almost every week.  I love the variations for Alma.  You can see I made 2 completely different looks from the same Sewaholic pattern.

1) Here Comes the Rain Again Minoru Jacket


This was my favourite photo shoot of the year including Buckingham Palace!  It was snowing, IN APRIL, but the backdrop of this art project was so inspiring.


This jacket got a lot of wear (and stares) in London in May.  And I always get compliments back at home.  The combo of fabrics is my favourite of all my makes.


There you have it.  I just finished my polka dot dress but just have to finish the belt.  It will also be a 2013 make but I wanted to get this list out.

Thanks for reading this year!  I have certainly slowed down in the blogging and sewing but plan to get back to a steady groove next year.

Thanks, Funnygrrl

What I’m listening to: New Year by Beach House

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