Review: Vogue Winter Holiday Patterns

Here are the new Vogue patterns for winter.

And here are my thoughts.


This seems to be the featured pattern. It’s on the main page of the Vogue site. I like it. A lot.  Like Madonna from Lucky Star grew up and was attending a cocktail party.


See the layers! I’m not sure where I would wear this but I can see my lace-obsessed self stitching this up.


I love this chic Pilgrim look. Maybe it’s because I love dressing for this season most of all. This has been discussed elsewhere on the interwebs.


Can someone explain this to me? Seriously?! Large ladies, like myself, cannot wear this. And my thin friends, would you? What demographic is looking for sacks in their wardrobe?


I’m mixed on this one. I love a cape. Maybe I prefer the shorter version.


So impractical for the weather here. But who cares about practicality!  I could be a superhero, Chic Girl.


I love this! It’s so modern but classic. Can’t you see this in black? You’d never have to take it off! You could wear it to everything!  Work, parties, funerals, curling…(only so you didn’t actually have to curl).


It only gets better! I would stitch these wide-legged dress pants up for a wedding. Or trip to Costco. I had something similar sewn up for me years ago. They were forest green because it was the ’90’s and I wore them to every social event for years.


The technical drawing. Sigh.


And now in black. Come on! For me, this is perfection. Of course, I’m 5’8″ so wide-legs work on me.  And the high waist would be so flattering.That being said, I could see my petite friends running in fear from this pattern.


And my favourite. I gasped when I first saw this pattern. I want to sew this now!


Where would I wear this? Is this a Field of Dreams dress? If I build it, will they come?

What do you think? Any standouts? Would you wear the sack outfit?

What I’m listening to: Normal Person by Arcade Fire


14 thoughts on “Review: Vogue Winter Holiday Patterns

  1. Ooh, I love the cape, the trousers that look like a maxi and that last dress is red carpet worthy. Divine!! Not that I have a hope of making any of these any time soon but it’s nice to know they’re out there and that Vogue haven’t done any weird styling or posing this time!!

    • I thought the same about the styling and posing. It was so distracting! This time you can see the patterns.
      I will likely buy them if a sale comes around but I won’t sew them right away. Darn this working and sleeping for 16 hours of the day!!

  2. That little red number is very chic… nothing else here that a) suits me, or b) I don’t have a similar pattern for already, but… also nothing that makes me want to toss my cookies (save for that sack dress… even for a sack dress, it’s pretty fugly! LOL)

  3. I purchased the cowl back dress. Not sure where I’d wear it but hey, it’s gorgeous!
    I’m only 5 foot 4 but I adore those wide leg trousers and I think I could get away with them!
    I also got Vogue 8944, it’s simple but I think very easy to wear.
    Love the red dress but I think I’ve got enough similar style patterns.

  4. Omg they are marketing a sack with an elastic waist?! I’m not very impressed by this pattern lineup. I won’t be running out to buy any of these. Which is good, because I have at least 25 vogue patterns to get through from the last year…

  5. That little red number is fantastic… and I really love the “maxi pants”… I will definitely be buying that one when they go on sale! Stylish and pretty… I think I need them in black… ~Laurie

    • I think it’s a combination of too large bodice and standing with her hip cocked.
      I’m thinking they stitch these up super fast. And maybe don’t fit to the model. I don’t know.
      I still love it though!

  6. Someone is going to make up that pleaty hefty bag pattern, look stunning and I will buy pattern in a fool fantasy moment. It will end up in a pattern pyramid circling the globe as no one selects it and we all wonder who put that turd in the punch bowl……I’ll never tell.

  7. that last dress makes me want to die of happiness. If I thought I could legitimately finish it in the next to weeks I’d be wearing it to my company christmas party.

    as for the sack dress….seriously? I think I can see what they were going for somewhere in there but the waist is too low and the dress is about 2 sizes bigger than it should be on the model, IMO.

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