Finished: Polka-dot Sewaholic Alma Blouse

Don’t forget to enter the Pattern Pyramid for Plus Sizes!  Draw will be held Sunday, March 3rd!  There are some great patterns in there.


Finally completed and blogged!

I really like this blouse. I’ve worn it twice. The side zipper was easier than I thought. Especially easy with my invisible zipper foot. Might be the easiest zipper installation…ever!


No my legs aren’t suffering a horrible disfigurement, those are nude fishnets. I’ve got a lot of patterns going on but I think it works. Dots, stripes, netting and cork shoes!

I looked up info on interfacing AFTER I added interfacing to my collar facing. My interfacing was too heavy. Something I read here. Anyway, I just used what I had but I learned that I should use interfacing with weight that matches my fashion fabric. Huh.

What interfacing do you use? Do you have different weights? Any suggestions?

What I’m listening to: Throw Your Arms Around Me by Hunters and Collectors


11 thoughts on “Finished: Polka-dot Sewaholic Alma Blouse

  1. It looks great with the skirt, and I did notice the pattern on your fishnets. Very cute indeed.

    I have a box of interfacing, some that is really cheap and heavy I don’t use often, some for knits. It was a bit of a revelation to me that they had interfacing with two way stretch for knits. But I couldn’t tell you the name of it, but I do get it off the bolt in Fabricland.

    • Thanks!

      I always needed medium weight cotton for my interfacing. I never really thought about lightweight. Probably because a pattern has never called for it.

      Always learning!

  2. Love the top – very nice indeed. Loving the skirt – did you make that? I have many different types of interfacing sitting unused in my cupboard. Will have to progress to interfaced items!

    Didn’t know Hunters and Collectors had made it all the way over there – great song.

    • Thank you! The skirt is purchased. It’s a slight stretch fabric which is so forgiving and comfortable. I would love to make a copy!

      I LOVE Crowded House. And any connected band. H&C’s, Split Enz. Canada seemed to embrace the Aussie bands even more than the US did. Commonwealth connection, perhaps?

  3. Late but—my fave locally available interfacing is Armoweft. It drapes nicely, doesn’t shrink, etc. though I don’t know if it would be light enough for chiffon. I avoid that stuff like the plague. 😉

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