London Calling: Outfit Planning for Travelling

I have been giving some thought to what I want to wear when vacationing in London. I don’t want to look like a tourist…but I’m sure it will be obvious that we are tourists. What with the “London A to Z” and the massive camera around Stein’s neck.

I ordered fabric from after going through my patterns and it arrived today. Here is what I’m thinking.


First thought were some tops. This pattern I won through the Pattern Pyramid for Plus Sizes. Enter my giveaway here! This fabric was on discount for $3.49 a yard. I got 2 yards. I love both versions of the top but will likely add the sleeves so I’m more comfortable. I just like sleeves.


I liked the look of the fabric online but in person, I LOVE it. It has a nubby surface and the colour is so vivid. I wanted to make a skirt BUT then I noticed that my red and black floral, up above, perfectly matches the red nubby.


But I can’t wear an oversized top with a full skirt. I’ll look like a blob, non? Full top needs slim bottoms. Full bottoms and slim top. Am I right? What if I belt it?


So, what about this as an option? Then I won’t be able wear the fabrics together. Worst case, I have a red cotton dress and a rayon floral top for separates. I have to decide what I’m going to actually wear.  Decisions!

Now what I am most excited about.


I am going to make a Sewaholic Minoru rain jacket with laminated cotton in a rain drop print! Isn’t it amazing?! And the adorable London print is going to be my lining!

When I showed Stein he said he wouldn’t be seen with me until I explained that the London print was for the INSIDE of the jacket. Then he thought it was adorable.

This means that I have to put the velvet Gertie coat on hold for now. Not really bothering me as we are having a crazy warm winter. Not too many days calling for a full-length velvet coat. That also means that I won’t fulfill my Fearless February goal of bound buttonholes. I decided that I can change my goal to fearlessly sew with laminated cotton. I’ve never done that before! And I’m nervous since the fabric shows all needle holes so you can’t rip out stitches and re-stitch.

What do you think of my mini-wardrobe? Red skirt or dress? Or something totally different?

What I’m listening to: Freedom at 21 by Jack White

18 thoughts on “London Calling: Outfit Planning for Travelling

  1. I love the dress pattern, it’s a gorgeous design!
    Both you fabrics are gorgeous, my first question is when are you going to be in London? My decision would be based on the month you are going and the weather at that time.
    Funnily enough I’m going to London soon! Had been thinking about making a Minoru raincoat as well LOL

  2. I would suggest creating a capsule wardrobe out of what you have. It looks like red and black are your 2 big colors. How about a floral top and a red dress (with matching red jacket?) Black pants, black top, white top. You can probably wear your print top over your red dress if you belt it (for yet another look). I’m not sure if the mini-flowers in the print are purple or grey. But grey would be great for a 2nd pair of pants, and maybe a grey top. Lets see, add in a black cardigan. Mix, match, and you have many great outfits!

    • Thank you so much! This is one of my favourite comments on my blog ever!
      I do want items to do double duty. I’m bringing black pants, khaki pants, a denim skirt and a couple of cardis. It’s only 9 days but we are doing a few different things in London; music festival to theatre night out.
      I glanced at your travel blog but will check it out more closely soon! Just what I need!

      • Oh I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe and the suggestions ladylighttravel suggested are fantastic… what a great travel wardrobe you’re going to have. Your red fabric is gorgeous… I just recently finished making a red pencil skirt and it turned out great and a similar colour and texture too. Sounds like you’re in for a wonderful time in London 🙂

  3. I love the Minuro jacket fabrics. Beautiful! And the Butterick skirt and its fabric is nice too. Isn’t shipping from to Canada expensive? I would order more fabric online but I can’t abide the shipping prices to Canada

    • For all of those fabrics and 1 yard of another quilting cotton, it was $25 for shipping. Considering that I couldn’t find them locally its worth it IMHO.
      For a total of $106 I will have a lined rain jacket, dress, top and home decor project.
      It’s just so nice to not have to settle for what my local Fabricland has.

    • Oh yes! The shoes come first. As they usually do. Ha ha!
      I have some great sandals for walking. And hubby promised to carry some heels for me to change into for one special night out.

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