Where Have I Been?!

What HAVE I been up to?


Hubby bought me a British punk rock dish brush.


Here he is on my cake stand wash up station. I love all things British. A friend also recently surprised me with a Charles and Diana collector glass. I seriously teared up when I unwrapped it.


Isn’t it amazing?!


I won a giveaway from Pincushion Treats! An embroidered journal. Isn’t it lovely? I haven’t used it yet because its TOO nice.


My hubby’s nephews just went to Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA over their school break. With astronauts and space-y stuff. It reminded me of a photo that my folks had of me and my brother from there in about 1975(?) when I was around 3. How adorable is my matching jacket and skirt? Too cute.  (Mom, can you tell me if my outfit was home sewn?)

Oh yeah, I sewed curtains.


They are in my sewing room/spare bedroom. More photos in the next post!

I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s year end posts.  Maybe I can come up with something for next week…

What I’m listening to: Octopus by Bloc Party


5 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?!

  1. Happy holidays! Can I just say I haven’t written in my embroidered journal either. I just can’t bare to think I might make a mess out of it. Still using a crappy notebook for notes instead 🙂

    Your curtains are so pretty. One day I need to make some curtains. One day…

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