More Sewing Room Stuff

My sewing room is now a multi-purpose room. We need space for guests. In a 2 bedroom place there aren’t many options.


Our new sofa bed from Revolve Furniture. The sewing machine pillow and monarch butterfly dress print I found at Home Sense (not sure what the equivalent store is in the US). The embroidery in the hoops was done by my friend, Stephanie (Berry Island is her Etsy shop).


IT Crowd and I Love Books. Cute, right?


The silver and black throw pillow covers I bought at Fabricland. Ridiculously cheap. $2.50 each or something. I bought pillow forms to fill the silver covers but stuffed the black ones with scrap fabric. “What?!” I know! Some scraps I wanted to keep for future small projects. The pillows are super heavy but I saw the idea somewhere (couldn’t remember where or find the blog post) and I think it’s a good way to store fabric scraps.

I have no real colour theme in this room. I figure the walls are white and there will be a multitude of different fabrics and prints in a variety of colours. I ordered more fabric to finish the curtains after my online fabric ordering fail.

Do you stick to a colour theme when you decorate a room? Do you worry about following “the rules” when it comes to decorating? Is design in sewing and decorating similar?

What I’m listening to: Marilyn by Bat For Lashes

4 thoughts on “More Sewing Room Stuff

  1. I am not a “decorator”, and I’m lazy on top of not caring. I have the same blinds in my bedroom that the previous owner left even though they are green and I’m not a fan of green. For my living room, when we decided to rip out the carpeting and paint, I spent a lot of time thinking and asking people who have good taste (IMO) for suggestions. I have a pretty dramatic original oil painting, red couches and I needed something bright to make the small room without many windows look bigger. I wouldn’t have thought of yellow without those opinions but it really works. It’s a warm and happy all at the same time.

  2. I like to keep a few colors composition when I decorate my living room, but I can taste that little crazy jumble of colors in a room too, that looks so fresh and spontaneous! You are very creative!

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