2012 Review and a Big Thank You


First off, a big thank you to any readers and especially commenters on my blog. I never expected to build such real friendships with people worldwide through this blog. I love reading sewing blogs. You make me want to be a better sewist and bloggist. (Not such if either of those words are real.)

WordPress, the home of this blog, recently sent me a report from the year. These are the folks that are the top commenters here:


Do you know their blogs? You can find them under my links on the right. Sometimes I feel that I ‘talk’ with them more than some on my real-world friends… Is that bad? I don’t care. They make me smile.

Now for highlights from the year. I’m going to steal Seraphinalina‘s bullet point writing style for this post.

  • My meet-up with Tanit-Isis. We met up for the first time in March. She enabled me in my serger purchase and I gifted her a choice of embroidered linen-black or white. She took the white and we planned a second meet-up to show off our makes. See the results here from August. I love her blog and I wish her cool kids were my cool kids. (That sounded less creepy in my head…)
  • The ScarJo dress and my bro’s wedding. I’ve written too much about this project but never did a full, proper post. Maybe one day…
  • Moving in July. This is not specifically about sewing, falls more in the life category, but I love my new sewing space. I’ve just been too busy with other things to get full use out of it.


  •  The Indio dress. The making of the dress was far less eventful than the taking of the photos. We trespassed. Shhh. They are my fave photos of me ever.
  • Over 200 posts. This is number 202. I should have done something spectacular for 200 but lately I’m just happy if I actually post anything.
  • Joining the Apron-along. Karen is awesome. That is all.
  • Winning and joining the Pattern Pyramid. Someone needs to give Karen a book and/or reality show deal. That is all.
  • Losing my father-in-law to lymphoma in February. Not a highlight obviously but it has reminded me that life is about people and not stuff.  My husband is his namesake and they were close. I took the photo below at my in-laws 40th anniversary dinner.  In the first shot he was making his usual serious-face-for-photos but I acted silly and made him smile for this photo.  Hubby and I were fortunate to have many moments over the years to remember.  I couldn’t imagine how much more difficult it would have been if things were unsaid or undone. Say it! Do it!

Ciao, Papa

What I’m listening to: Suspended in Gaffa by Kate Bush


9 thoughts on “2012 Review and a Big Thank You

    • I hope you are getting lots of wear out of he white linen dress in winter in Saskatchewan. 😉
      Love the direction your posts have taken. Can’t believe how your family are so interested in sewing. Wish mine was.
      Thanks for your comments and support!

  1. It’s been so great getting to know you too!! I love this community – it always holds for me an endless source of inspiration and support, and some very awesome people to call friends! 🙂 Cheers to a new year! 🙂

  2. Heh, well I can’t be your top commenter and not comment. 😉
    It is lovely creating these little online dialogues, isn’t it? Part of setting up my blog was about wanting to add my two cents to the community. It is very rewarding.
    The bad parts of a year are good to include in a review. They happen, they are significant and in the long run, they probably shape our world more than the good things.

    • I love how open you are on your blog. Very inspiring.
      I feel that we have to learn from the negative experiences, otherwise, it’s just a totally sad and depressing event. I didn’t have to lose someone to appreciate family more but I do make the photo calls and connections now rather than putting them off.
      Thank you for your comments! I will attempt to return the favour since I should put my money where my mouth is. Ha ha!

      • Aw shucks. Sometimes words flow better than other times, it’s generally theraputic to me. Although I don’t think my husband is overly thrilled with that last post.

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