My First Online Fabric Shopping Experience

I live in a bit of a fabric store desert. Yes, my city has 4 Fabricland shops but they basically carry the same fabric in each of them. I have looked at the online fabric stores but have been really hesitant. I love to feel the fabric I’m buying and shipping to Canada can be expensive. I loved Tasia’s Big List of online fabric stores. So I tried recently.

Here is what I received!


Black-out curtain fabric! Not the excitement that you were hoping for? Well, it’s going to go behind this.


I saw this Richloom fabric on the website and just loved it. I love the touches of colour along with the neutrals. It’s vintage but modern. Anyway, it will eventually be curtains for my sewing room. My first real home decor sewing project. (Unless you count my napkins.)

What do you think about shopping for fabric online? Have you ordered swatches to get a feel before you commit?

What I’m listening to: My Little Brother by Art Brut


11 thoughts on “My First Online Fabric Shopping Experience

  1. I’m horrible. I take a leap of faith and order. I’ve only been disappointed a couple of times. Not too bad considering i buy online pretty often.

    Your curtain fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Most of my online shopping has been done while my parents are in Florida and I ship it to them. The one time I ordered from sew sassy, there was an addtional brokerage fee of maybe $30 on my order and it took forever to clear customs. What I have ordered I’ve been happy with, but like you I miss touching the fabrics.

    Those are going to be great curtains, it’s a neat print.

    • The brockerage fees kill me! USPS is great but UPS usually charges lots on top. I was shocked that this delivery was UPS and they didn’t collect extra. My sewing machine was an additional $40 or something. The worst is that you just don’t count on it and can’t calculate it…

      I’m looking forward to sewing rectangles! No fitting necessary!

  3. I tried a while ago. I ordered something that was close but wasn’t what I had hoped because I hadn’t seen it “in person”. The hand was crisper and the scale of the pattern was too big, the colours looked too childish. I tried and may do it again. I think it is a skill. However, Mood Fabrics in NYC on the thanksgiving weekend, well, lets just say – awesome!

    • Hmmm…I dream of Mood because of Project Runway. I would have to call out “Thank you, Mood” in my best Tim Gunn voice if I ever visited. 🙂
      I have looked at their stuff online. Some gorgeous fabric. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

  4. I’m totally in the same boat; I love going to Fabricland because it’s close and convenient but the lack of selection in natural fibers has left me wanting many a time. I’ve done some online fabric shopping but for the most part I find it not worth it as it’s incredibly expensive due to the atrocious shipping costs to Canada.

    The best experiences I’ve had have been with independent Etsy sellers. Their yardage cost is higher in general, but the shipping is often very reasonable and the customer service exceptional 🙂

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