Weekend Activities

It was a long weekend here in my part of the world. It turned into an even longer weekend since my boss gave me half of Friday off. We were talking on Tuesday, he said I seemed tired and he told me to take Friday off… I know, best boss ever! I had to go in for the morning to submit payroll stuff and mail a letter but I left at noon and had lunch with the hubby. So great!

Anyway, on Saturday we did some shopping; tights, sweater for Stein and a sofa bed. Yay, we bought a sofa bed for the second bedroom…formerly know as the Sewing Room. It will be shared now since we have guests coming. But a sofa may be nice for hand stitching and pinning, etc. I usually take it to the sofa in the living room since my sewing chair is great for actual sewing but not super comfy for meticulous work.
I’ll show some photos once the room gets rearranged again.
I got started cutting out the pattern pieces for this dress. Vogue 8827. It will be made out a gorgeous Ponte Roma knit. (Or as the woman in Fabricland called it, Pont de Rossi. Ellen’s fave fabric?)

I was going to whip up my curtains but you know the adage, measure twice, cut once? Well, you should also measure twice, order fabric online once… I didn’t order enough fabric. It’s like I didn’t take the second panel I need into consideration at all. Now I have to decide if I should order more or use what I have as a border on the curtains and also make some pillows.

The velvet coat waits. Honestly, I’m too nervous to start. I will start it before the snow melts…for the year. I plomise. πŸ™‚

What I’m listening to: Real Love by Beach House

6 thoughts on “Weekend Activities

  1. Yay for your boss! The colour of your Pont de Rossi (ha, that makes me smile!) is gorgeous.
    If its any consolation, I’m dithering too on curtains, but I have measured incessantly and am adding a further .5m just in case…

    • My boss is the best!
      I love the colour of the ponte roma too. It looks dark on my work computer but it’s a rich wine colour.
      I have a guest coming Dec 31 so I have 6 weeks to finish the curtains. I should be able to handle that… I think I’ve decided on my solution. Stay tuned!

  2. Hahahah!!! Ponte de Rossi really cracked me up πŸ™‚ That dress is going to be gorgeous… I adore the colour completely, and the style is both elegant and very wearable πŸ™‚

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