New (to me) Sideseam Technique and Colour Scheming

My New Look dress has a technique I’ve never seen before. The bodice and lining were first sewn together at the shoulder seams, neck and armhole edges. Then the lining was understitched and turned inside through the shoulders straps. To complete the side seams the bodice and lining were sewn in one long seam from the bodice bottom edge.

Confused? Me too.


The great thing about this technique is the clean shoulder seams. Usually this is sewn last and has to be handstitched. I never have clean hand stitching. I’ll have to see how it all comes together but I love this technique.

In other sewing news, I completed some cloth napkins. I needed a quick project, and I needed napkins for our new colour scheme in our new home. We have a lot of grey, some blue and orange accents in our new place. This Mary Englebreit print brings in some much needed whimsy and ties our open concept living room and dining room colours together.


My fave quote is Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful.


I did a rolled hem on the serger using wooly nylon in the upper looper. It’s a gauzy type thread that spreads over the rolled hem. Doing an even better job of preventing fraying than regular serger thread.


I love them. I made six 12 inch and I have eight 7 inch to complete. That’s what I got out of a metre of fabric, while cutting around the quotes.

Give it a try if you need a quick project! This is quilting cotton so the prints and possibilities are endless!

What I’m listening to: Lonesome by Dr. Dog


7 thoughts on “New (to me) Sideseam Technique and Colour Scheming

  1. The Slapdash Sewist has done a tutorial about this method ages and ages ago—I like it a lot, and usually use it for sleeveless stuff. Although it’s a bit harder for fitting…

    I remain duly envious of your serger, of course. 😉

      • Hmm. Mostly just memory, as I am not terribly organized. (This is one I use all the time, though. Also when I first read it I was like “AHA ZOMG THAT”S AWESOME!” So it kinda stuck.) Every once in a while I have a total brain-fart. For example, I have a technique for making continuous bias binding, largely inspired by a blog post. However, I can’t find that post any more on the blog I THOUGHT it was on… and have no idea where else it might have come from. :/

      • Bookmarks would work. Just have to remember if it’s on my computer, iPhone or iPad. Or catalogue them on my blog.
        I loved the side seam finish especially for the perfect shoulders.

  2. I have a few patterns that use this technique and I really like it. One tip though, before you sew that really long seam at the sides, carefully compare to make sure your waist seam will line up right when it’s done, and not be wonky at the armhole either, a couple times I’ve been off by a millimeter or two and it drives me bonkers. Or maybe you’re not as obsessive as me??

    • I can guarantee I’m not as obsessive as anyone. I figure if the average person wouldn’t notice it I don’t sweat it.
      Mind you I got a compliment on the perfectly matching pleats on my Pendrell sleeves. I did take extra time so it was nice that someone noticed. 🙂

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