(Still) In Progress: TOA Dress, and Another Anniversary Wish

First off, I must wish a Happy Anniversary to my baby bro and his wife of one year.  Congratulations!  You would be hard pressed to find a couple more suited to one another.  When I met her for the first time it was like someone had created my brother’s ideal match.  Read about their adventures and art and music-filled life at Yuppie Love.  The blog is in transition now but please bookmark for an almost daily dose of cute!  Love you guys and Happy 1st Year!

We took Yuppie Love to Summer Stock's Hairspray for their anniversary!

This afternoon I made quite a bit of progress on the Touch of Asia dress, made from Butterick 5319.  I haven’t added the zipper and I haven’t pinned it completely.

TOA fitting

The positives.  I love the bodice and gathered sleeves.  I also think the midriff is perfect for defining my waist.  I’m wearing a regular bra with this and it doesn’t show at the back.

From the back

The negatives.  It’s really short.  For me.  I had added 2 inches to the bottom but I forgot the extra couple inches when cutting out the fabric for one piece.  So, I had to make due with what I had.  I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the piece out again.

Side shot

This is a good note for tall sewists.  This is what your average Butterick dress pattern looks on a 5’8″ woman without added length.  I think I’m high-waisted so I don’t add length to bodices normally.  However, I (almost) always add length to skirts and dresses.  Also note that this is unhemmed so it will be even shorter when that is done.

Love the gathering on the skirt too

I will buy a wide ribbon and add it to the bottom.  It will coordinate well with the midriff and give me some more length.  I did this with a dress that I bought off eBay.  The dress was a tad short so I added the ribbon for a little extra length.

Brown plaid dress with ribbon hem

Have you spent the weekend with friends and/or family?  Did you get to spend time on something that you love to do?  I am fortunate to have done both on my weekend.  And it isn’t over yet!

What I’m listening to: In The Cold Cold Night by The White Stripes


11 thoughts on “(Still) In Progress: TOA Dress, and Another Anniversary Wish

    • I have enjoyed working on this pattern. The biggest problem, (besides length), was that my lining fabric was so much easier to work with than my shell fabric – slippery, ya know. But the pattern is easy to follow and has some interesting details.

  1. Family, no. Friends, yes. The dress is looking great. Saw two great fabrics in the clearance at Fabricland, made me think of you. One looks houndstoothish but on closer inspection it’s leaping deer…wait, maybe that’s more me (love the animals:). Your brother reminds me of James L in that pic.

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  3. I am finally back online! You are the sweetest!!! I love being part of your family! You are the best sister-in-law I could ever ask for!

    Also, that dress is hot even if you think its too short! I think the ribbon will look great but you could also do a ruffled hem in the same fabric to add some length. Where do you plan to wear this first?!

    • I completed the dress with the ribbon. It’s looks great, I think. I plan to wear it for dinner tomorrow night. Hubby flies out so we are having dinner first. I’ll get some photos of the dress!

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