It Is Good To Have Goals

No more posts about Butterick 5319, AKA the Touch of Asia dress, until it is finished. I am tired of talking about it but still looking forward to wearing it.

Fabricland had a 50% off sale for members so I went to buy some wide ribbon (still not talking about it) and picked up some thread and buttons for a future project.

Butterick 5500 and my fabric

I bought the pattern many moons ago and always wanted to make a linen coat dress from it. I found a cream and black print linen when I was in the desert in the US. The dress has been on my mind so I took a little swatch of the fabric with me to Fabricland and picked up some buttons.

Right buttons? Wrong size!

The problem is that I hugely miscalculated the conversion from inches to millimeters and got the wrong size buttons. (Why can’t they put both on the package?! I won’t tell the Metric Police!) I took a look through my own stash of buttons, which isn’t huge but is sizable, and found that the only button that I had 7 of were these wooden, mahogany-coloured ones. And they are the correct size!

Purchased buttons, buttons from stash and braided belt

I asked Stein, the hubby, which he liked and he preferred the darker ones. Once I had seen them together I really did prefer the darker ones too. Then I remembered that I had a belt in a similar colour and it pretty much cinched the deal (pun not intended) as the dress definitely calls for a belt.

Which do you prefer? The originals, which I could probably find in the correct size, almost fade into the fabric but are so cute. While the mahogany ones really stand out but are still quite simple.

Also on my “to sew” list is my Crescent Skirt. For some reason every time I think about starting this project I get nervous. I think it’s all the pieces. Tasia has Sew Along posts all the way through the instructions but I just can’t seem to get started. Maybe it’s time to take a look at other completed Crescent Skirts to get remotivated. Also, I love the peacock fabric more than any fabric I have ever purchased and I can’t wait to wear it.

Most gorgeous fabric ever

So, a couple of things. Which buttons do you like for the coat dress? And have you ever psyched yourself out of starting a project? What should I do to get my head back in the game?

What I’m listening to: Monster Hospital by Metric


14 thoughts on “It Is Good To Have Goals

  1. If you ever find yourself in a battle between the english and metric system, I’m only a phone call away. I design all my projects in metric but must use english materials from our neighbours to the south, (why is 10ga steel thicker than 16ga steel, even though the number is higher? why does 2×4 lumber actually measure 1.5 x 3.5″ ?)
    Anyhoo, your button choice is correct.
    Was the ‘Metric’ song a coincidence to your unit of measure dilemma?
    You could have also gone with Alannah ‘Myles’, or the Proclaimer’s ‘500 miles’. 🙂

    • To find the metric measurements on a pattern you have to read the French side of the package. After 5+ years of French in school I don’t think I ever learned the word for buttons (les buttons?), zipper (la zip?) or interfacing (l’interfacing?). Therefore, my choice is to do the math or translate.
      I’m sure there’s an app for that…
      (Nine Inch Nails? AKA, 22.86 cm Nails)

  2. The originals for the win! I just see something about them I like…I probably like how they’re a little quirky. They look good with the print. However, the dark ones are rather striking as well.

    • I know what you mean. I love the faux stitching on the original buttons. And they do look good with the print.
      Maybe I’ll take a look at them in the correct size and see if my mind is changed.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! and yes, I usually have trouble sewing for the season ahead too and am often more tempted by the current season, for which by the time I have finished my planned garments it is over!
    I have to admit I like the new buttons; the ivory ones with the little dark dashes around the edge… I think they look more interesting. Are they really the wrong size? I don’t sew my buttonholes until I have my buttons sitting right there… so if you haven’t sewn your buttonholes yet you could just make them to fit the buttons you have bought,right?

    • I thought if you changed button size from the size suggested on the pattern it could mean you had to change the spacing and the width of the interfacing on the edge. To accommodate a larger button. It sounds like math to me and, as we’ve seen, it’s not my strength. I’m going to look to see if they have the correct size. The votes are pretty split and I’m more confused than ever!

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