Finished: Teal Knit Top

Teal knit top

I apologize for the oh-so-boring entryway photos.  However, our temperature today is -26C (-15F) and we have had fairly steady snowfall for 4 days.  I am excited that for the next week and a half Stein and I are house/dog-sitting for friends who live in a beautiful home.  I will have many different backgrounds for photos.  I will probably take the opportunity to post about past projects that I haven’t had the chance to show yet.

Back to the project at hand.  This went together so easily after I had already completed the Print Knit top.  It is a different version of the top but the same idea and I had no trouble putting it all together.

T-shirt and jeans-Funnygrrl style

You can see that I went against my earlier statement about finishing this top with 3/4 length sleeves.  I had every intention of cutting the sleeves off but when I tried it on the first time I really liked the long sleeves.  I thought the twist-front created a nice v-neck that didn’t make me feel blocky on top.  You can tell me if I’m way off but I like the full-length sleeves.  Goes to show you have to keep an open mind about trying on, and sewing, different styles.

Here I styled it with a lace cami underneath.  I wore it this week without but I like the way the brown lace contrasts the teal.  And the stretchy cami helps smooth things out.

I will make this top again.  It fits me well and is so comfortable for work.  Like wearing a t-shirt but the twist detail makes it interesting enough when matched with a skirt or trousers.

Silver lattice bracelet

I like to add an interesting bracelet or necklace to a “run-of-the-mill” outfit for some visual interest.  In this photo you can see the gorgeous teal colour up close.

Still working on my style post.  Accessories, love them, hate them or not sure what to wear?  Do you have too many but always go to the same favourites?  Do you wear something different every day?

What I’m listening to: Too Much by Sufjan Stevens


4 thoughts on “Finished: Teal Knit Top

  1. This looks great—I love the colour on you and the long sleeves :). I am all about long sleeves right now. I keep looking at things I want to make, but if they don’t have long sleeves—no way. I could *almost* handle the indoor backgrounds if I could get decent light anywhere but right by the patio door. But our house is rather dark 😛

  2. I get the most compliments when I wear this colour. So I seem to gravitate towards it. Even my glasses are teal!
    I am hoping to have more basics, like this one, sewn for the next “Me-Made” Challenge. This time I may be able to participate.

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