SSS: Days 29-30 (I Did It!)


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! You have been a great example of success in marriage for us. Have a great day and we can have a big celebration next time we are all together. Congrats!

What a month! It was a great challenge to wear (and document) 30 days of self-stitched items. I had some successes and failures but it did help me identify some gaps in my sewing. Specifically, casual items for warmer weather.

Anyway, how did I complete the month? Day 29 I wore my black and gold elastic-waist skirt with my DKNY Cozy cardigan. This can be worn multiple ways but I decided to add the ring to the waist for a little texture.

Notice how the circle at the waist mimics the circles in the print of the skirt. didn't notice that?!

The last day of the challenge had me pull out my teal knit top. I love this top. I wore it with jeans for casual Friday along with a silver chain with iridescent shell pendant.

For fun I wore my brand new Converse runners with purple and silver sequins.

I can’t believe at the ripe age of 39 I bought my first pair of Converse shoes. I’ve loved Converse since…well…

Gabba gabba hey!

To follow up on my last post about tights and open-toed shoes, the Toronto Globe and Mail style section had a Q&A about open-toed shoes and tights. Turns out, I was right! As long as the look is intentional it is okay. (Disclaimer: I don’t really think we need fixed rules or have to get style gospel from “experts”. I do appreciate a little help though. Have fun and feel confident in whatever you wear!)

What I’m listening to: Pinhead by The Ramones


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