Now You’re Cooking with Class

Stein, my hubby, has been hard at work on his new hobby.  He makes his own tomato sauce and seals it in jars.  He had a day off last week so he spent the morning canning.  We ended up with 10 beautiful jars of tomato sauce in our cupboard.

It got me thinking that an apron would be a good first item for me to make for him.  I never thought I would make an apron as I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen to make it worthwhile.  On the other hand, Stein loves to cook and is known to start the process while still wearing his good clothes.  I still have plans to make his pajama pants but an apron wouldn’t require fitting and measuring.  In other words, I can’t really mess up an apron.

I found Butterick 5426.

Butterick 5426

In all honesty, it makes me cringe.  All the ruffles and ribbon detail.  Especially the full-length white and lavender.  However, I loved the men’s tuxedo apron.  He’s saying, “Yes, I cook but my apron is as dressy as my button-down shirt and dress pants.”  No cheesy BBQ apron for him.

"Just a moment while I turn the heat down on these shallots."

I loved the idea of the apron looking like a suit with a cummerbund and everything.  I picked up some lavender striped shirting fabric for the bib and grey denim for the apron portion.  I had some shiny purple in my stash that I decided would be perfect for the cummerbund.

Stein suited-up apron fabric

I just ordered the patten last week so it will be another 2 weeks before it arrives.  Coming with it is the pajama pattern and 2 others.  Butterick had a 3-day $3.99 sale.  I always buy a few to make the shipping worthwhile.

Until then, I’m working on another stretch knit top.  I guess I didn’t suffer enough with my last knit project!

Butterick 5283-View B

I also picked up a gorgeous tweed that is black with a touch of shiny plum that will be a pencil skirt.

Vogue 1199 with plummy black fabric

Can you see the plum sheen?  It was in the costuming section of the fabric store but I don’t care.  I think it will be nice for work with a jacket but paired with a dressy top could go to a party.

That’s what is coming up.  What do you have planned?

What I’m listening to: The Dallas Cowboys beating the New York Giants


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