Sewaholic’s Pendrell Blouse Sew Along

The very versatile Pendrell Blouse

I have had some of my friends and blog-friends express that they have wanted to start sewing after hearing me talk about my new love of sewing.  If you are one of these people, this is the place to start.

Join the Sewaholic Sew Along with me.  Tasia, the Sewaholic, is a great source of help and support and now, her own pattern line.  Click on the pic above or the link on the right-hand side and join her mailing list.  This will be a quick and easy project that you will have great support on.  From Tasia and me.  Also, she’s Canadian so we’re supporting a Canuck!

We start in January but sign-up today and let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll be sharing my fabric shopping, project successes and difficulties, and I still haven’t decided what version to complete.  So follow along in the fun!

I still haven't decided which to sew...

What I’m listening to: The Old Days by Dr. Dog


3 thoughts on “Sewaholic’s Pendrell Blouse Sew Along

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