I Started a Podcast


Hi, everyone!

Where have I been? Do you care? 🙂

Still sewing a little. Skipped the jacket I last blogged about. Moved on to a top that is a perfect match for a previously stitched skirt. I love it and will blog it.

Still learning sign language. This has enriched my life more than I can imagine. I have met interesting people that I would not have been able to communicate with before. For example, we met a family from Syria who came as refugees. The father and 5 of the 7 children are deaf. What is amazing is that we have all been learning ASL for a year and are able to communicate. If either of us had to learn English or Arabic, I’m not sure we could communicate as well as we did. After 1 year! They are also learning English. Wonderful family working very hard to find their place here.

I started a podcast! It is a sports podcast for the rest of us. My husband and family watch sports. I tolerate it but enjoy the celebrity side of things. This is what my cohost Ali and I talk about. And we are hilarious…if I may say…

It is available on iTunes and Podbean. If you stop by to listen please leave a comment and let me know you came from here! We have a big contest coming up for March Madness…”What is March Madness?” you ask. YOU ARE OUR PERFECT LISTENER! We will let you know and have fun doing it.img_9693

Keep stitching!



One thought on “I Started a Podcast

  1. Hey – nice to see you post again, old blog friend. I’m the same as you – not a sports fan but have to go along to get along. I’ll check into the podcast soon. March Madness was really madness when I lived in Georgia but in Ontario it is barely there.

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