My Week in San Francisco

What a week!  I spend Sunday through Thursday in San Ramon, California, then Thursday through Saturday in San Francisco.  I like my Sans.  🙂

To top it all off it snowed at home!  I know it’s Canada but come on!  Too early.  So happy to report that it was all melted by the time I got home and it has been in the high teens Celsius this week.

photo 1

It was One Week One Pattern week!  I thought I would hate having to wear the same top all week but it made my packing really easy.  Above is the grouping that I posted on Instagram.  Top left is my lastest Ponte Knit Pendrell that I finished up the day before I left (still to be posted).  Top right is my Liberty cotton Pendrell with Alma collar. Centre is my Digital Dot Pendrell.  Bottom left is the Pewter Pendrell and right is my Rosy Pendrell.  As you can see I love my new bright blue DKNY cropped trousers.  I will have to share a full-length photo.  They have inspired to try and make my own.  The week was awesome!  My new Ponte was my fave!

photo 2

The photo above is the only thing I brought back from Britex Fabrics!  I saw lots of interesting things (4 floors!!) but just couldn’t, or wouldn’t, pull the trigger.  I think I have so many projects that I am excited to start that I didn’t feel the need to plan another.  I would have been interested in some knits but I just didn’t find anything.

Beautiful store and wonderful staff (including Emily from Project Runway Season 13, who I saw but was too scared to talk to!?!).

photo 3

I bought a couple of items for our upcoming Iceland trip.  Water-resistant jacket, cowl-neck sweater that was an amazing deal, and some stuff for hubby.  I spotted some boots (Steve Madden Maecie) that I loved but they didn’t have my size.  I did endless searching online, gave up, and ordered the Fluevogs you see above.  Eeek!  I love them!  Way flashier than the Madden’s and a more interesting choice for my everyday life.

That’s all!  No sewing since I’ve been away but will post my latest Pendrell.  I also have some exciting projects planned.

Have you been to San Franscisco?  What did you think?  How was your OWOP?



9 thoughts on “My Week in San Francisco

  1. I live 20 miles south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley. We only go there for special events. We never drive in the city! Always take public transportation. 🙂 Parking is too expensive. I usually take my daughters and nieces for a day trip just before school starts every year. We ride the train up, do a little shopping on the piers, have some clam chowder, then come back home on the train. It’s always fun. August and September are the best times of year to go to San Francisco. The rest of the year it’s very cold there! Usually around 60 to 70 degrees. They sell a LOT of sweatshirts to tourists who think California is supposed to be warm and sunny. 🙂 Glad you liked our city! It really is a fun place to visit. Christmas in the city is beautiful also. We only get up there at Christmas time every few years. Shopping is so much fun there!

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