I went to Montana!

Hey all! Wow, have I ever been a No Show! I know I don’t have to explain my absence but let me talk about what I’ve been doing.

Learning ASL. American Sign Language. Since October or so. And I love it. I can’t really explain how much learning to sign has added to our lives. But let me try.

  1. Friends. We have caught up with old friends and made new friends by learning this language and joining a group that uses it daily. Some Deaf, some Hard of Hearing, and some hearing who use ASL.
  2. Gaining a deeper understanding of concepts by learning something in ASL. By signing to express thoughts and feelings, you gain a 3rd dimension of understanding. Hard to explain but it is so real.
  3. Hubby and I getting closer by learning a language together. Okay, we also used it last week in public to discuss a stranger sitting near us. Not nasty stuff, just “Green jacket guy. Who?” “Know not.” It was awesome to be able to share information silently. P.S. I did know green jacket guy, like, since he was a baby. Didn’t recognize him all grown up with a baby of his own!
  4. Finding out I am pretty good at something! I should have been doing this for years. Jeez.

Also, we went to Banff and soaked in the Banff Springs spa area.

And saw The Force Awakens.

IMG_6633Back to sewing stuff. This rose print fabric has been on my mind lately. I bought it in Toronto in August.

I have been wearing dresses a lot. A lot for winter actually. And I wanted to stitch up New Look 6910 again. I love this pattern.


So, the fabric is being washed as we speak. Hoping to do up the version with cap sleeves if I have enough fabric.

What have you been working on? Do you get sidelined because you are focusing on other things? Do you know any sign language?

Thanks for dropping by!



4 thoughts on “Funnyplans

  1. I learned to sign too – and used it in my spec ed classes when I first began teaching. You lose it if you don’t use it. In my area, there is a Friday night at a specific Tim Hortons where a lot of people who can sign go, so it was an easy way to keep up my language skills. You may want to check out if something similar goes on in your area. Nice dress – i love the Asian inspired fabric. I plan to see the Star Wars flick this weekend with my hubby who remembers seeing the first one in theatres, which is impossible since he would have been two. But memories play tricks I suppose. Happy New Year!

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