Bay Area Fabric?

Looks like I may be headed to the Bay Area, California in September. The Hubs and I had plans to get to San Francisco this year but switched things up and went to Los Angeles instead. Now work is sending me on a course to San Ramon, flying in and out of San Francisco!

The question is: where do I go for fabric shopping? Also any suggestions on good restaurants would be appreciated. I did make myself a promise that I could only buy fabric if I sufficiently drained my stash. I have been working away at it but I have 2 lengths of silk and an African cotton dress to complete before I can possibly bring anything else home. (I have more than that but those are the top priority items right now.)

So, any tips about the Bay Area would be much appreciated!

I had no photo for this post so here is David Bowie Llama (ripped from Jian Ghomeshi’s twitter.)



2 thoughts on “Bay Area Fabric?

  1. Have you played Cards Against Humanity? There is an “answer” card of “David Bowie riding a tiger made of a bolt of lightening”. Now I am picturing David Bowie llama on that tiger.

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