Sporty Summer Sewathon! ’70s Tennis Dress

I LOVE this Sewathon! I thought it was ACE!  I had a BALL!  Game, Set, and Match!  Enough?

I never thought I would make workout wear. And I still don’t see myself sewing traditional workout wear. But an adorable dress from a 1970s pattern? Yes, please. Enough chatting.  Here are some photos.




I found a heavyweight ribbed cotton with 5% Lycra. I wanted white but found this light blue for 70% off. I did stitch up the shorts in white.



Some details.


A zipper with rhinestone detail. That’s my wrinkled nose smile.


Shorts with a small flower appliqué. I was having trouble identifying the front from the back. No darts or anything.


Yes, my pockets are tennis ball yellow! I sliced up a work tshirt. My company name is actually in one of the pockets. 🙂


Hubby wanted some action shots but I was terrible.


So he tried to show me how it was done. I think I’m just a better sports photographer.


“I see Karen…”*

This pattern came out a year before I was born. I like it but would make a couple changes next time. Lighter weight fabric, longer zipper, interface the front facing. But I think it’s pretty cute. The pattern had no pockets but you just need them with a tennis outfit. So glad I followed my instinct. This is the first time I used my walking foot on my machine, or any machine. It was necessary to keep the fabrics from slipping as I sewed.

Thank you, Karen! I wouldn’t have done this project without your challenge!

*I watched Romper Room as a kid. Anyone remember the mirror at the end? I always hoped she’d say my name…and she never did.

PS – Congrats to Eugenie Bouchard for making the Wimbledon finals!  Get ’em next year!


18 thoughts on “Sporty Summer Sewathon! ’70s Tennis Dress

  1. Wow! What a great pattern you used. It’s interesting how modesty played such an important role in ladies sportswear over the years. Also I really admire your husband’s red shoes – did you choose them or did he? Well done.

    • I spotted the shoes but hubby was quickly on board. He is quite stylish in his own right and not afraid of colour.
      Modesty is important for me in sportswear! The Williams sisters in tennis have moved the modesty line, for sure.

    • Stein says it can go from on the court to drinks because of the fancy zipper.
      The pockets were such a happy accident. Pulled out my old work freebie tshirts and there it was!

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