Me-Made-May’14 Week 4

Some highlights from the week. Half at home and half on vacation.

Sewaholic Alma blouse with purchased skirt and shrug.

My Indio maxi dress with purchased white sweater. Outside our fave pizza place at home. This outfit was packed right after this to come to California and the place it was named for!



I finished this kaftan top just before we left. The neckline is from a tee shirt. It is crocheted. Very similar to my Adey kaftan with the same reclaimed crocheted neckline.  I had two of the same tee shirt.
The first pic is me with the Sonny Bono statue in downtown Palm Springs.  The second is me outside the Art Museum.  I’ve never been in…sorry.

Here is the Indio again, closer to Indio, California.  And the white sweater makes another appearance.

My Steinaway dress. I have a migraine in this photo so I should look happier than this since it was a gorgeous day. I had a nap and got over it. Thank goodness.

Me-Made-May is almost over! I only missed one day. It was a pyjama and swimsuit day. I’m not sweating it though. The idea is to challenge yourself, not punish yourself.


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