A Post that isn’t really a Post


A quick post to show you what I have been working on. Above is my digital print dress Vintage Vogue 8875 (still needs a name). It looks super boring on the hanger. It is a very simple shape but I think it shows the fabric beautifully. And I wear the polka dot version all the time so I know this will get some wear for sure. I am saving true “finished item” photos for our (almost) annual Palm Springs, CA trip at the end of the month.


I put other projects aside to sew this eyelet lace midi skirt from Vogue 8750. It has a specific purpose and I need it for June. I made things more difficult for myself by choosing the curved hem version and a straight edge border print fabric. Just FYI, curved =/= straight. So I am piecing the scalloped edge onto the curved edges. Totally crazy and I hope the work pays off. I plan to work the added hem into the overall look. Or it will just look like a major screwup.

Whatevs. As the kids say.


Notice the front panel with straight hem and side panels with curved hems.

I guess this was more of a post than I thought! I’m stitching away. Also participating in Me-Made-May’14.

Hope you are all enjoying some spring sewing! Unless you are heading into Fall in the Southern Hemi! 🙂

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