Me-Made-May’14 Week 1

Me-Made-May is an annual event for sewing bloggers. We make a pledge to wear something made by us every day of the month. I pledge to wear at least one item every day.

This is aligning with my TV Fast so I should have time to take photos every day. Taking daily photos is the most challenging part of the pledge for most of us it seems. For example, I only have 2 photos for the first four days. : /

On the weekend I wore my plum pencil skirt and Digital Dot Pendrell blouse. The jacket is purchased from Gap.


The second photo is of me and my dog-brother, Piper. He is my parent’s dog and we constantly fight over who is the favourite child. So far I am losing. I’m wearing my London-inspired Minoru rain coat.

Are you participating in MMM? If yes, when do you take photos?


4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’14 Week 1

  1. This is my third year. This year I decided a quick cell phone selfie in the mirror, on my way out the door to work, will do. The last two years I got up a little earlier, used my good camera and tripod, and took pics most mornings. But I’m notoriously slow in the morning, and it was a hassle. So it’s been a real relief to just snap a quick mirror pic and be on my way.

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