Me-Made-May’14 Week 2

I’m still not so good at photographing my me-made outfits for May.  Anyway, here are some highlights and I thought I could talk about how I mix my sewn items with purchased.


 Here is my Ashley dress, Vogue 8875.  I made it for a wedding and it is quite dressy.  To wear it to work I put a jacket, or in this case, a cardigan over it to dress it down a little.  To be honest, it is still dressier than the average person at work wears but they say to dress for the job you want…so I want to be Joan Holloway.  The belt is a grosgrain ribbon just tied in the back. 



 Two photos of the same outfit.  One in the bathroom at work and the other at home in my entryway mirror.  I feel weird cutting my face out of pics so I took another.  This is my red floral tunic top tucked into my red salsa skirt topped off with a black cropped jacket from Gap Generation.  The top is very long so it is really tucked in and I don’t have to fuss with it at all.  So comfy!  The skirt is deceptively simple-looking but has a little action in the back section!



Another way dark photo!  Yikes!  This is my geometric print knit top.  I think it is the first knit that I sewed.  I wore jeans on this day last week because my work group volunteered at the Zoo.  We had a great time and got to know each other better.


From my Instagram

Me-Made-May helps to identify gaps in your sewn items.  This used to bother me but I have figured out that I am a very part-time sewist so I am only going to sew items I love.  These are usually dressy items, dresses and skirts, that I can wear to work.  I am okay with that.  If I want a t-shirt I will pull out one of my band tees.


I couldn’t sew anything this cool…


How is your Me-Made-May’14 going?


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