Another use


My new machine came with a table attachment.  I think it is intended for quilting specifically but I found it is the perfect place for my iPad while I stream Netflix!  In the photo above I was watching Say Yes to the Dress but lately I’ve been catching up on Call the Midwife.  (Yes, I watch with captioning-not sure why.)

I am working on my Vogue Vintage dress.  The same as my Polka Dot dress but with some fitting issues corrected…or that is the plan anyway.  I’m taking my time with it and looking forward to the finished project.

Do you watch TV while you sew?  Listen to music?  Or just focus on the clickety-clack of the machine?


11 thoughts on “Another use

  1. I like music playing when I sew. Last night I just hit snooze for an hour on Mr. Lina’s alarm clock radio and when it cut out it took me a minute to figure out what changed because it didn’t feel the same. I’m not actively listening but I guess it keeps the back of my mind busy or something.

  2. I have to watch tv or listen to the radio as I sew…I need the background noise. I also have to have a tired dog or else, he’ll assume that what I am sewing is cause for a tug-o-war

    • Poor hubby hears the screaming on Midwife when a character is giving birth! More than once he’s poked his head in the door to be sure it isn’t me screaming in pain.

  3. I keep wondering why…but I usually opt for quiet. I really enjoy sewing at the Make Den where there is lots of conversation. I also like hearing the hockey game or Dr. Who in the next room.

  4. I watch either a DVD or Netflix -I have a DVD player attached to a small TV that accesses Netflix/YouTube etc – over the last year or so I have watched all of ’24’, Battlestar Gallactica, Dexter, Breaking Bad and I am currently watching Judge John Deed. I will have to see if we get Midwife here, I have heard lots of good reviews. I really like long, long series and I get quite into them . . . it is like a guilty pleasure – watching TV AND sewing! Heaven!!!

  5. I listen to audio books on my tablet. I don’t understand how yoy watch tv while sewing as you are already looking at stuff. I often do a bunch of cutting out of projects on the lounge floor while watching a movie cause it makes the part of sewing I dislike go faster.

  6. Great use for the table extension. That could come in handy when following a tutorial too, I bet. I almost always listen to music when I’m sewing.

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