Putting Fear Aside

I’ve been stalled in my sewing lately. I whipped up a little scarf sure, but I have been paralyzed with fear.  My next project involves cutting into my feather digital print fabric.


It’s so purdy.  I also know, from my wearable muslin, that I need to make a couple of tweaks.  So I am nervous to start.

Friday evening I laid out my pattern pieces in prep for cutting.  I knew that I wanted the bodice pieces to be cut so the print lined up.  Remember I did this with my Minoru rain jacket.


You can see that the bottom of the front pieces line up along a dark line in the print, just under the pink.  (Side bar: the white paper is where I lengthened the bodice pieces-not the most professional finish but it works.)


For the back pieces I found the repeat in the pattern so once it is sewn the print will be nicely lined up.


I was less concerned about the skirt pieces.  It is a busy print.  As long as it lines up along the waist, I’m not worried about it matching the bodice.

I can’t decide if I like the blue or the pink in the fabric more.  I’ll keep the skirt long like my muslin so it slows all of the print.  (Sigh.)

I have decided to cut with the “feathers” pointing up.  It just looked better when I held it in front of myself.

What do you think?  Should I push through the fear?

What I’m listening to: San Francisco by Foxygen


6 thoughts on “Putting Fear Aside

  1. I like the blue! But I always gravitate to blue…
    You’ve clearly taken a lot of care with pattern placement and alignment, go for it! It’ll be such a joy to finally wear this wonderful fabric!

  2. It is a feeling I get too. I appreciate nice fabric so much. I don’t want to make a mistake….but as an experienced seamstress told me, “It’s only fabric.” Onward! Enjoy working with it. It is going to look great. I was just at Downtown fabric today! 🙂

  3. Gorgeous fabric! I can totally understand your reservation. You’ve put so much thought into all you’ve done so far. I know your gut instincts won’t lead you wrong. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Definitely push through the fear!! I’ve been sewing with my treasured stash pieces lately and I’ve found it makes me much more motivated to sew!! 🙂 You know that saying, “better out than in”? I think it applies to stash fabrics too! ^__^

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