SSS: Days 22-25 (Remix featuring Funnygrrl)

What amazing weather we’ve had! It’s been beautiful. I’ve had a few days off so I’ve been spending a lot of time in my knit maxi dress.


This is an older photo (dark hair, duh) but I pretty much wore this without the cardigan for 3 days.

Are you sick of this skirt yet? I’m not. It’s my go-to piece really. I met up with friends on Friday. And put it on again on Sunday for book club. I paired it with a red tank and white top that I bought in Austin when my luggage was still missing. (I know the hair is a hot mess. Don’t fret. I have a haircut and colour already booked for this week.)

Day 24 I wore my Touch of Asia dress (Butterick 5319) with a black shrug and grey shoes. I saw friends and got a few compliments. Most didn’t know I had sewn it. It felt pretty good to get honest compliments BEFORE they learned I had sewn it.

I know the bag doesn't match but isn't it cute?!

This self-stitched tracking is tough. I’ve been wearing my stitched items but photographing is difficult. Mostly since I don’t have hair and makeup done and I have to rope the Hub into taking them. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about the hair and makeup but how do I not?!

6 days left!

What I’m listening to: Gamma Ray by Beck

10 thoughts on “SSS: Days 22-25 (Remix featuring Funnygrrl)

  1. Everytime I see that Touch of Asia dress I love it more! And your grey shoes are cute.
    PS I didn’t comment on your REM post yesterday as I didn’t know what to say at the time that wasn’t all slushy. It’s such a lovely thing to have happened to you and a wonderful memory of what was already a pretty amazing concert I’m sure.

  2. I would suck at the photography and tracking for self stitched months. It would also be rather repetitive. I work in 3 different officed, I can wear the same thing Monday Wed Thurs and no one would know the difference. I am also pretty slow to produce things for myself, so the pickings would be slim.
    I also love the Touch of Asia dress, it’s beautiful, love the mix of print and solid (particularly at the hem) and it’s so flattering.

  3. Oh, Vicki kate is scaring me! I wanted to say the exact same thing here! Love the dress- I think I’ve given it previous verbal stroking, too, but your REM story was so sweet and real that I didn’t want to make a quick pithy something out of it. So sweet.

  4. You could do from neck down photos in a pinch. That’s a pretty un-top-able REM story…and sorry for your loss, maybe Michael will do some solo stuff. Saw the touch of Asia in person, and yes you would never know you sewed it.

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