SSS: Days 26-28 (On Course, Of Course)

I have been at my new job in a different company for 7 months. This week I have been attending a new employee training course. Feels strange after being with the company for so long but it was a great chance to network with others who are new. And I’m with a large international company so there is a lot to learn.

What I enjoyed most? Wearing my self-stitched items obviously.

Day 26 I wore my geometric print knit top and grey trousers (Gap). On a side note, I’m wearing my new black Genie bra…which I love. I gave into the infomercial and ordered 6 of them. I’m so glad they are fantastic. Highly recommended.

Day 27 I wore my purple Pendrell blouse and plum skirt. Both self-stitched! I wore lightweight black tights. (It’s still warm here but I do work in air conditioning.) I also wore my pin-striped shoes (Le Chateau).

I pulled out my black and white sheer blouse again on Day 28. This time pairing it with a black pin-striped skirt (Cleo). I decided on red shoes (Anne Klein) for a little pop of colour.


No rain. Just adding a prop for fun. Plus it’s pretty!


What is your opinion on tights with open-toed shoes? I have a friend that wears them together and looks adorable but she is adorable. I’m not 100% sold on the look but if anything it has to look intentional. That is why I went with the red on black. Nude tights would look like I was pretending, ya know what I mean? Anyway, what do you think?

What I’m listening to: Hurricane by Jamie Lidell

3 thoughts on “SSS: Days 26-28 (On Course, Of Course)

  1. I think you made the tights/open toes work. I can’t pull it off and feel comfortable, but like you, think it works for others. Red shoe was a great call for colour in the black & white outfit.

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