SSS: Days 10-12 (Derailed)

Days 10 & 11 SSS plans were derailed by my sudden trip to my parent’s and a lack of casual comfort clothes. The good news is that I have discovered a definite need in my self-stitched wardrobe. The great news is that my dad is well and he is in line for the less invasive surgery. Done with robots! He’s actually a little excited (?).

Here’s a photo of another fabric purchase so I at least have something to show you.


It’s a stretchy knit. Don’t you love the turquoise?

I was supposed to fly home on Day 11. Of course, it was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. I was not in the least nervous as I’m not a nervous flier to begin with and I am the least superstitious person you’d ever meet. But I did feel such sadness for the families of the victims. Do they appreciate their loved ones deaths being publicly noted, or, do they wish their grief was just their own and not adopted by so many? I also remembered how Canadian cities took in those whose planes were diverted that day. Many actually taking strangers into their homes in Halifax and St. John’s. True Maritime Hospitality.

I didn’t fly out since I missed my flight. I have never missed a flight. I openly mocked people who miss flights. I’m chalking it up to a high stress situation and faulty GPS.

Day 12 I flew home. I was in my airplane uniform; jeans, cami and cozy cardigan for the morning. I changed into my red and black elastic-waist skirt and White Stripes t-shirt for the afternoon. I was just hanging out at home and getting unpacked.

Black and Red Elastic-waist skirt (sewn w/out pattern) and White Stripes tee (not sewn by me)

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts in this time.  It’s really the waiting that gets to you.  In the meantime, do you know the signs of a heart attack or stroke?  Signs are different for women so do yourself and loved ones a favour and read up!

What I’m listening to: Port of Call by Beirut


10 thoughts on “SSS: Days 10-12 (Derailed)

  1. I’m thinking good thoughts for your Dad, I’m sure it will go well and it will be a routine surgery. 😉
    I am in love with this fabric, whatever will you make with it?!?!?! P.S….love the skirt too!!!!

  2. Oh I love that fabric! Is that from Fabricland? I’m on a bit of a fabric moritorium after car repairs, but that is lovely. I may have to make an exception if I happen to come across it.

    Great news about your dad. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

      • I haven’t been to that particular Fabricland. I do go to/through Stratford a few times a year. I don’t think we’ll make it to the festival this year, we’re just too busy. Next time I visit a friend in St Mary’s maybe I’ll suggest a detour to check it out. The benefit of having multiple clients/workplaces is that there are about 5 Fabriclands that aren’t too far out of my way depending on the day. It’s a really nice piece of fabric and a good price.

        I forgot to comment earlier that stress does strange things. I think it’s compeletely reasonable to miss a flight given what was going on.

      • This last visit to Stratford I had the best customer service I’ve ever received anywhere, in any store, ever! I dealt with Elisabeth and by the end we were best friends!
        Thanks for your comments. So kind of you.

  3. So glad your dad is better, and that you made it back home safely! I almost missed my flight too, as I sat in the airport shuttle on the expressway in rush hour traffic, all I could think is “what’s my plan B”…which we need to go to a lot in life.

    • You have to wrangle kids when you fly too? Or do you fly for work?
      I can’t imagine being responsible for getting anyone else ready. The Hub looks after himself remarkably.
      Thanks for the nice words!

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