SSS: Days 8 & 9 (I <3 Nurses)


This is from Day 9. No photos for Day 8.

Day 8 was spent flying from my home to my parent’s home and visiting my dad in the hospital. He is doing really well but has to have bypass surgery. It was a quick decision as I found out Wednesday afternoon and booked a flight for that night. I did not wear any self-stitched items since my airplane uniform is loose-fitting jeans, t-shirt and cozy cardigan. I splurged on a DKNY silk/cashmere Cozy (heavily discounted at the outlet store) while I was in Palm Springs, CA this spring. It’s the garment equivalent to comfort food. I love it so much that if my home was on fire during the night I would grab it and then wake up my husband!

Day 9 I spent visiting my dad. I wore my black and brown geometric elastic-waist skirt. (This item needs a shorter name-BBGEWS?) I wore a wide nude belt and black sandals that I forgot I had until I was packing for my trip. I paired the skirt with a black knit top that was a gift from my sis-in-law (my husband’s brother’s wife). She lives 3000 kilometres away from me (fairly close to my parents) and always sends me clothes. I don’t know how she finds things that fit on me and in my wardrobe. I buy her body lotions and lounge wear. Or gift cards. EPIC GIFT FAIL!

While my dad rested, my mom and I took a side-trip to a Fabricland store. You know, retail therapy. They had an amazing sale and I picked up 4 lengths of fabric. I’ll share one with you.


You may think I’m crazy to blog while my dad is in the hospital but he’s doing very well (walking the ward, chatting on his cell phone) and there is a lot of downtime. He is waiting for his surgery to be scheduled. Plus, writing helps me take my mind off worrying about what I have no control over.

By the way, nurses are the greatest people in the world. They should be paid like professional athletes. Can I get a Hallelujah?

What I’m listening to: my parent’s Yorkie whining for my dad to come home

7 thoughts on “SSS: Days 8 & 9 (I <3 Nurses)

  1. I’ll keep your Dad in my prayers. I know he will just fine. Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy and minor diversions to keep your spirits uplifted. As always, you look great.

  2. Wow! Thank you all for your kind comments. It’s so nice to have your support though you don’t even really know me!
    My dad is doing well. SSS is going okay but on the back-burner a little.
    Thanks again everyone. The online sewing community rocks!

  3. We all do what we can in stressful situations. You can’t hover 24 hours a day and he needs his rest. I think it’s perfectly normal to find other outlets and distractions.
    I think I have that black/white fabric, or something very similar. Is it stretch satin?

    • The nurses kicked us out for 2 hours everyday. What’s a sewist to do?
      The black/white is a satin but not stretch. Thought it might be good for lining a jacket but will probably be a dress.

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