To Plaid or Not To Plaid?

So I’ve had the idea of sewing a shirt for Stein, The Hubby, for quite a while.  It is definitely not something that I have planned for the near future but something percolating in my mind. 
Originally I planned a western-inspired shirt in plaid.  Like the one my friend is wearing below.

Should I ask him to take his shirt off so I can examine the seams?

But then I started to notice EVERY GUY on the street was wearing a plaid shirt.  I really like them but by the time I get around to sewing one it will be the 3 millionth plaid shirt in our city.  So I got to thinking about making a heavily western influenced style but in a solid colour.  Reason 1) Not everyone will have one and 2) No plaid matching (yes!).

Imagine my delight when I received an email from Colette Patterns introducing their first mens pattern….and it’s a shirt!

Here’s an even better photo of the Colette Negroni shirt.

Imagine western pocket flaps and snaps instead of buttons

Colette Patterns was even generous enough to offer downloadable pocket pattern variations.

Pocket variations for Negroni

My suggestion is that someone plan a Negroni Sew Along.  I am too much a beginner (seamstess and blogger!) to lead this myself but it would be a fun sew along, I think.  And our other halves only get the shirt at the end if they agree to pose for progress photos!

What I’m listening to: Adventures in Solitude by TNP

11 thoughts on “To Plaid or Not To Plaid?

  1. I think you should go for it, with or without plaid ;)… I am waiting for a different men’s shirt pattern to come in the mail, grrrr it’s hard to wait. 😦 Though probably not something I’ll tackle for a while, either. 🙂

  2. I hardly get my own projects done. Somehow it’s easier to postpone the guy’s stuff. I do need to finish at least one of his items though.
    Then I can tell him I NEED a serger…and ask if his PJ pants are comfy. 😉

  3. Men’s shirts are hard!! You would think it’s just like sewing a dress but with sleeves and a collar, not so much. But Colette Patterns have wonderful instructions, I bet they would demystify the process completely!
    If you love the look of plaid, but don’t want to match it, why not try a very small check? No need to match and it’s a different look? Plus if you went for flannel it would be nice and easy to sew 🙂 Either way, go for it! Mr Sewaholic is pretty thrilled I’m making him a shirt, it’s the thought and good intentions that counts 🙂

    • I was so excited to see the Colette pattern because their instructions are so good. You’re right about a small check print. No plaid matching there.
      I could also let him pick his own fabric to make sure he’ll wear it!

  4. Ha, and I agree. It IS easy to postpone the guy stuff. I look at the shirt muslin for my guys shirt and think…let’s put that off for a while. Blogging about it keeps me pushing forward, otherwise you guys will think I’m a terribly selfish and grinch-like seamstress 🙂

  5. I’ve been meaning to sew something for Ben – even PJ pants – for ages! But sewing for someone else seems almost tedious. Of course, I feel guilty because he was nice enough to take over our second bedroom and use it as a sewing room. But my argument is that I don’t know enough about fitting yet to do a good job, and I’d rather wait until I can fit myself before I go about fitting someone else. Yes, that’s it.

    • I have the best of intentions but seem to get sidetracked. Plus, let’s be honest, an adorable dress beats out a shirt or PJ pants any day!
      Maybe if I made him a kilt I’d stay interested!

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