Should I Join Up?

One of my ongoing goals is to gain balance in my life.  To do this I have reduced my work week to 4 full days from 5 and I have tried saying “No” to requests on my time.  So hard to do!  I am a classic overcommitter.  When I started sewing it was to help get balance in my personal life.  I didn’t have anything that was mine.  Now that I have started following sewing blogs and wanting to challenge myself further, I have noticed that this hobby can knock my finely tuned balance.  

My dilemna now is, Should I join the MPB Mens Shirt Sew Along?

MPB Men's Shirt Sew-Along

Pros: 1)I want to sew a mens shirt.  I mentioned that very topic here.  2) The pattern chosen (though you can chose another) is Colette’s Negroni which I mentioned in the same post as in pro #1.  3) It’s being led by a guy.  This shouldn’t really make a difference but, come one, how many guys do you know that sew?  Okay, my brother does but that’s about it.  It will be a unique male perspective on the task.  (Also, click the MPB pic to get to Peter’s blog for a 20% discount on the pattern!)  4) I want to make something that my hubby can be proud to show off.  I’m not a domestic goddess by any stretch.  I am a great partner, motivator, life coach, cheerleader for my husband and friends but I am not someone you would call Suzie Homemaker.  Now that I sew it is a chance to make something for my hub that is really homey (hopefully not homely).

Colette Negroni

Cons: 1) TIME!  What am I thinking?  I am doing the Pendrell Blouse Sew Along and I have a dress and coat to make that has a due date of mid-March.  2) Ummm….really just the time thing.

That being said, I encourage others to join this sew along.  Peter is very skilled at men’s clothing (and women’s too actually).  It will be fun and educational, for sure.  So I wholeheartedly endorse the MPB Mens Shirt Sew Along even if Idon’t end up participating.  

(This message has been approved by Funnygrrl.)

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7 thoughts on “Should I Join Up?

  1. Well, the Pendrell should be mostly out of the way by the time the MPB sewalong starts, right?;) … The dress shouldn’t be a problem I would think, but the coat is a bit worrisome. Depending on what you mean by coat…

    My mom has the same problem as you. I think in response I am almost the opposite, and miss out on a lot of fun things because I am afraid to commit. Good luck whichever you choose!

    • The dress I am making for the ballet has a matching coat. I hope I don’t look “mother of the bride” when it’s done… But that’s another dilemna.
      I wrote this post last night and then ordered the Negroni this morning! I really wanted to take advantage of the discount.
      For better or worse it looks like I’m in!

    • I ordered the pattern the day after I posted this. I just felt momentarily overwhelmed. How could I NOT join?!
      Hopefully my model is agreeable to all of my fittings, tears and tantrums. I’ll have to bribe him with cookies.

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