Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 3


Gertie from Blog for Better Sewing is leading the sew along but I’m being pretty rebellious. I am pushing ahead sewing the front, sides and back together including the side-seam pockets without following her amazing tailoring tutorials. I am excusing myself by calling this my muslin, test garment, though it will be a wearable one.

I got on a roll stitching and topstitching which is the decorative and useful stitching that tacks down your seams. It gave me an excuse to use my twin needle for the first time. I can see how using a thicker, contrasting thread would really stand out on this coat. However, I used my all-purpose thread because it was more subtle and hid any imperfections. Not that my coat isn’t perfect. 🙂

Twin needle and topstitching

So far the fit seems great. The lapels are a little gapey but might improve with the collar and shoulder pads addition.  I set in the sleeves and I was happy that the gathering went well on the first try.  And both sides matched.  I chose not to topstitch the shoulder/sleeve seams as I liked the clean look of the sleeves.

Sleeve and shoulder. With dramatic lighting for some reason.

Did I mention I love my lining fabric which is also the pocket fabric?

Lining fabric for the pockets. Nice, right?

What I’m listening to: World Sick by Broken Social Scene


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