I Like This Stuff – 3rd Edition

Just a little inspiration from Modcloth and various sources.  I love to browse around and get ideas for sewing or style items.  Sometimes it’s just a detail or fabric or colour-combination.



Dress with nice details


At first I thought it was matronly but I think the neck tie would be a little saucy on an actual neck.  The graph print is nice with the details of the pockets and drop-waist.


Frilly Blouse


“Why is everyone staring at me?  It must be my fabulous blouse.”




If I owned this I would wear it and keep staring at myself.  The colour is camel and lavender, I think.  I would not have put these together but here they look beautiful.


Nice waistband and gathering


The kind of dress I would drape in my dreams.  So unusual.


Beautiful fabric, right?


I love the sophisticated styling with the really fun fabric.  Are calla lilies fun or funeral?  I think they are fun.  (For the life of me, I couldn’t find the link…)


Studded high-tops


Yes, the girl that likes sweater sets and pink trench coats also loves these studded hightop sneakers.  I always wanted Joey Ramone to sing “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” to me.


Berry Island Mosaic


My friend Stephanie makes mosaics and other wonderful things.  She has a store on Etsy.com called Berry Island.  I love the high-contrast colours in this antique brooch mosaic piece.

What I’m listening to: Folding Chair by Regina Spektor


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