Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 1 & Some Inspiration

Lady Grey pattern package and fabric

Work has begun on the Lady Grey coat. (The fabric is much brighter than the photo is showing.) I have never made a muslin garment before. A muslin is a test garment sewn to check fit out of a lower cost fabric before cutting into your more expensive fashion fabric. Because my fashion fabric was so reasonably priced ($4/metre) I decided to make my muslin from my teal and blue herringbone and then make a 2nd coat out of another fabric if I really liked it. I couldn’t see finding heavy-weight fabric at a better price for a muslin.

Last week I cut out the pattern pieces. I went out a size in the waist. I hope this doesn’t affect the way it goes together. Last night I started cutting the pieces out of my fabric. I’m really excited!

Update: The sun came out. This photo is better!

Better photo of fabric

I love the fabric and the weight of it. I am hoping today to get the front, sides and back together so I can try it on and make adjustments if I need to.

I haven’t bought my lining fabric yet. I think I’m going to go with a yellow or lavender colour. It will be nice with the blue. I looked at cute florals but nothing seemed just right. I am hoping to go look tonight or tomorrow. I also have to find buttons.

The more I write the more I realize how unprepared I am…

Do you start projects even if you don’t have everything that you need? Like try to make a dinner that you don’t have all the ingredients for? I actually find it frustrating but don’t seem to change. Why do I do it?!

Since I don’t have great photos to share today, take a look at this shirt that I’d like to stitch up for Stein one day. I figure I can put it up in my sewing space and label it “research”. It could take me months to get around to sewing the shirt but I figure the photo is inspirational.

Inspirational pic of the day

What I’m listening to: Paranoid Android by Radiohead


2 thoughts on “Lady Grey Sew Along: Part 1 & Some Inspiration

  1. Oh, I like your fabric! (And yes, that’s less than I paid for my “muslin” fabric). It would look adorable with a yellow lining, although lavender would also be great (depending on whether you’re a person who wears yellow or not 😉 ).

    I start projects without having all the stuff all the time. Hence the winter coat and the buttons thing. Also I never, ever, ever remember to buy matching thread.

    • I found lining fabric that I love. So happy I don’t have to settle. I also found buttons.
      Now I feel ready to go. Wish we had more options for fabric shopping.
      Post on the lining coming up!

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