Preview of Vogue Patterns Winter 2010

First, the good.  In my opinion.  Roll your cursor over images to get pattern numbers if you are interested.

Dress with choice of skirt

I like both skirt options.  And both sleeve options.  I think this pattern will be in my collection at some point.

Jacket, dress, trousers

The plaid matching in the photo makes me dizzy.  I picture trying to do this and never completing another project again because it is beyond my ability.  But if I imagine completing it in something other than plaid it seems like something that would fit well into my wardrobe.  There are also trousers in the pattern.  Hmm…

Dolman sleeve dress

Love these sleeves.  Definitely prefer the 3/4 length.  Wouldn’t this be nice in black?

V-neck ruffle top dress

Wow.  This fabric is so NOT me.  But the v-neck and ruffle detail certainly are.  Look at the technical drawings to get a better idea.

Tech drawings

Dress with back peplum

I love how this is described as “above mid-knee”.  I guess they don’t have an “almost up to the hoo-haw” description.  I know it isn’t really that short but I don’t wear skirts too far above the knee; however, I love the low back and the gathering below the bust, front and back.  And the back peplum is gorgeous.  The model kinda knows she looks hot, too.

And now the not so good.  In my opinion.

Did I see this in Logan's Run?

Tech drawing (said in a computer voice)

Okay, I’m dating myself with the Logan’s Run movie reference but really, is this not sci-fi meets patchwork?  I don’t know whether to spread it on the bed or set my phaser to stun.

She looks cold...

“Hi, Vogue.  I’m looking for a top that will make me look bigger than I am.  Yeah and if when I wear it no one could tell if I was a man or woman, that would be great…Oh, I could just wear my husbands stretched-out Celtics sweatshirt, you’re right!”

What I’m listening to: Gonna Get Along Without You Now by She & Him

3 thoughts on “Preview of Vogue Patterns Winter 2010

  1. Ooh yeah, I love that plaid suit! It’s a jacket and dress too, how awesome! Tedious to match up all that plaid but the result’s stunning. The fit looks pretty good too 🙂
    Did you buy any or are you waiting for the next sale?

  2. Seconding the plaid suit love. Man I am such a sucker for a cute, tailored blazer! (I really will actually make one, someday, instead of just collecting the patterns for them). I would probably chicken out at matching all that plaid, though.

    The Logan’s Run coat is hilarious. She looks like a dragon. 🙂

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