Finished: Cotton Wrap Dress, I mean, Skirt

Beautiful afternoon in the park

I loved this fabric when I bought it but started to question my choice after I started putting the dress together. I had to lay the pattern pieces out carefully since the fabric was lighter on the left and darker on the right. I wanted the front to be dark so I laid out the right side of the wrap front on the darkest part of the fabric and the lightest fabric became the left front that would wrap under the right. Then I laid out the skirt pieces so it would match the top with the darkest navy on the right. I did the same with the sleeves.

The colour matching was really perfect but the dress just didn’t look right somehow. I felt that it was too costumey and weird.  (See my struggles here and here.)  I thought about cutting out the sleeves or collar in solid navy but I wasn’t sure it would look any better. And I didn’t want to put any more into it. So I took Tasia of Sewaholic‘s suggestion and made it into a skirt.

It is a wrap style with hooks and eyes for closures. The facings on the skirt fronts are really good for keeping it closed so no surprise flashing! It is truly A-line which makes me want to go dancing in it.

Are you taking the photo?

Red, Navy and Nude Shoes

Yeah for sunshine!

What I learned with this project was patience. Not my strongest quality. I really had to take my time to get the fabric sides matching. I also learned that not all projects are going to turn out as you originally picture them. All you can do is continue to try new things. I also learned to set in sleeves which is really handy on my new skirt…

It turned out to be a gorgeous weekend so, on Saturday Stein, the hubby, and I went down to Central Memorial Park and walked around a little. I wore my new skirt and styled it with red and my fave neutral, nude. We saw two wedding parties taking photos while we had a snack at Boxwood, an adorable little cafe in the park.  (A suggestion from my sis-in-law, Kait in her blog.)  Stein had a homemade icecream sandwich and I had a fruit-filled brownie. We also had coffee which came in our own personal french presses. It was lovely.

Brownie and Coffee at Boxwood

Wedding in the park

What I’m listening to: Hyperballad by Bjork


3 thoughts on “Finished: Cotton Wrap Dress, I mean, Skirt

  1. Oh yay! I’m glad it turned out. The skirt is so pretty and swirly – you’re right, perfect for dancing!
    I love watching wedding parties posing for photos too – especially watching the ones that aren’t being photographed at the moment. Who looks uncomfortable, who’s bossing everyone else around, and if they’re having a good time or are just stiff and formal.

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