Finished: Adey Kaftan Top (Funnygrrl & The Machine)


This new top has a few names. I wanted to name it after Adey from Sew Convert whose tutorial I followed to make it. Then when I put it on this morning for its first wear hubby called me Florence, as in Florence & The Machine.

florence welch 080712

I j’adore her so I don’t mind at all!

Kaftan crochet

Here is how it all started. A t-shirt with a crocheted neckline and a length of green silk. You may remember this silk from my Vancouver post. So not only do I have a new top but I am doing some stashbusting!

photo 1

I followed Adey’s tutorial as closely as I could. You fold the fabric length in half with selvages together. *Update: its folded with selvages on either side so raw edges together.* Cut out a neckhole, add facing and hem it. The facing I created by cutting out the crochet piece from my t-shirt. Then you sew a line of stitching on either side starting under your armpit down to the hem. I took her suggestion and left the selvages on. They are kind of nice with silver threads and I knew my finish wouldn’t be nicer than that!


The hem was horrible to finish. I tried a blind hem but it looked so bulky and didn’t suit the fabric. I tried a rolled hem but the fabric just wouldn’t hold it because it was so thin. I ended up just serging/overlocking the edge. I figure with the busy print and wild style it won’t be noticed.

photo 3

I like it. Brings a nice dressy feel to jeans and a top. You could use a longer length of fabric and make a true full-length kaftan. I might give it a go!

What I’m listening to: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House by LCD Soundsystem


14 thoughts on “Finished: Adey Kaftan Top (Funnygrrl & The Machine)

    • Yeah. Adey said she gets a lot of looks when she wears hers because of the sleeves. I’m experiencing the same thing. Not sure if folks like it or hate it but you can’t hide in the crowd with this look. Just trying to avoid getting them caught in elevator doors.

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