Again with the Fabric From Afar

I write this from my sofa as I suffer through the worst flu I remember having in my life. I might be exaggerating but I don’t remember missing 3 or more days of work…ever.

Note that I am on cough syrup with codeine as I write. The pharmacist asked if I was allergic to codeine. I said I didn’t know. The last time I was prescribed pain killers, I think, was when I had my wisdom teeth out at 19 years of age. I haven’t spent a night in a hospital since I checked out after I was born. (My mom likely checked me out. I wasn’t that gifted.) Similar to my experience with Fiorinal after said dental surgery at 19, this experience with Codeine shows that I could very easily slip into prescription drug abuse. Wow. It feels good. I could say I wasn’t counting the minutes to my next dose, but I’d be lying.


To get off the subject of drug use here is a lovely lace scarf from Argentina that my friends brought back for me. Immediately I thought about hacking it up for lace trim. Wouldn’t the fringe be so nice on a sleeve or skirt hem? The lace itself would be gorgeous as a thick waist band on a dress. I hope my friends aren’t insulted at my immediate thoughts of destruction of their gift. Rather than move this to the pile of scarves in my closet, I want it to be showcased on a handmade garment. It’s that lovely.

I love these fabrics from other places that I will be able to point out to the gift givers and to others. I need to get sewing to have something to show but I have been busy and now sick. I started working out with They are a stunning husband/wife team who make free workout videos on YouTube. Also their rant videos on body image and thigh gap myth are worth watching. I haven’t been doing this either since I’ve been sick obviously. Pretty much just burning through my saved list on Netflix.

What has the rest of the world been up to? What are you sewing? Would you use this scarf for fabric or as a scarf?

4 thoughts on “Again with the Fabric From Afar

  1. Sorry to hear you’re sick! I love that you are thinking of making that scarf into something more wearable. It’s beautiful! I am currently in the process of doing some unselfish sewing; matching shirts for my 3 stepsons for Christmas. I’m having way more fun sewing for others than I thought I would. Get well soon!

  2. This is bad it’s nearly 3 a.m and I’m getting addicted to your blog.. aha you’re hilarious!! You have a creative eye! Most people just see things for what they are. The fact that you see it as something else, makes me say ‘go for it’! You should turn it into something more appealing to you(i bet it’ll be amazing!). It’s not like you’re chucking it in the trash 😉

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