What’s In Your Wallet?


I carry little swatches of my current projects in my wallet now. Too many times I had a chance to visit a fabric store unexpectedly and didn’t have my fabric for zipper or button matching. Even shopping for clothes to match whatever I’m making.

I now even hang on to swatches from completed projects. To find shoes or, in the case of the home dec fabric, matching other home dec purchases.

Do you do this? Or just plan your shopping trips better than I do?

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4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Wallet?

  1. Very smart! They also have these “swatch buddies” you can buy which are plastic squares u attach a fabric swatch to and then they all attach together, sorta like paint swatch chips. I have it “pinned” to my “Wish List” Pinterest board if u r interested as I can’t recall the company who makes it.

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