Super Sew-L Weekend

Okay, lame post title. I’m just taking a break from sewing and watching some football with the hubby while I write this. Neither of us were very into either team. We were actually cheering the most for Beyonce. (With Kelly and Michelle?! Say WHAT?) In a couple weeks time he’ll be sitting with me watching 3+ hours of Oscar red carpet.

Anyway, I hoped to have a finished item post with my Alma blouse but it’s slow going. The multiple layers on the arm hole binding are slowing me down.


I completed the invisible zipper using my invisible zipper foot for the first time. Wow! What a great little foot. It lets you sew right up to the zipper coils.

Also, this week I tracked down a foot controller for the Brother machine that my friend gave me. Found it on Kijiji for $15!  What are the chances?!  I also had Brother send out a complimentary manual. Thank you for all your generous offers of receiving the manual for me. I picked the person who lived the closest. What a generous community as always!  I got it plugged in. The foot control is also the power. I loaded the bobbin case since I haven’t done that since Junior High home ec class. It took me a couple of tries and a YouTube video. 🙂


The tension on this machine is superb (zigzag in black). It made me realize how horrible it is on my Brother (zigzag in red-how embarrassing). It actually made me do some research on my machine and it turns out, there are loads of complaints about the tension. *scowl* One message board submitter gave more info on loading the drop-in bobbin. The instructions say to just pull the thread under the plastic piece BUT it needs to get under a small metal piece also.


See the tiny metal piece...  you have to be sure your bobbin tread gets under that

See the tiny metal piece my thumbnail is pointing at…you have to be sure your bobbin thread gets under that.

It has changed my machine. Seriously I’ve been doing this incorrectly for 3 years. Ugh. Just give us proper instruction. Sewists are generally good at following instructions. I thought it was me all this time.

I’ve also been planning my London adventure. I am so excited! We momentarily couldn’t find our passports. Had a mini-panic. But they are located. I plan to visit the David Bowie exhibit at the V&A Museum of Art and Design. And the Fashion Museum in Bath. Anyone up for a meet-up at either? Or the Walthamstow market? We’ve got 3 months to plan!

Did you watch football this weekend? Get some sewing time in? Anyone want to come with me to London?

What I’m listening to: Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray!  (for the Ravens)

4 thoughts on “Super Sew-L Weekend

  1. Good luck on your alma! I love the red polka dots =) and I would love to go to london. i wish plane tickets weren’t so dang expensive! I did some sewing, watched the first half of the superbowl and beyonce, and then had to switch to downton abbey – can’t miss

    • I recorded Downton. I’m a little behind. I know someone died but I don’t know who. But I’ve guessed. Don’t tell me.
      I’ll have a Finished post for the Alma this week. It came together well.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I would so go back with you to London.I miss the museums a lot. I would go visit them quite often, especially the V&A. Don’t miss out on eating in the cafeteria. It’s gorgeous!

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