My New Brother and a Big Surprise!


My friend, let’s call her Nibs, offered me her sewing machine. It’s about 6 years old, she thinks, and has no power/foot control. Oh, and it was also jammed somehow.

I got it home and investigated my new little Brother. It’s a pretty basic machine.  A good starter.  It has a bobbin case which I haven’t seen since Junior High home ec. (My usual machine, Betsey, has a drop in bobbin. So spoiled.) Anyway, the needle wouldn’t go all the way down. It was obviously hitting something. I looked at the bobbin case and saw that it wasn’t in place properly. I clicked it in and moved the wheel. It works! I felt like a genius!


The problem of no foot control or power would be a bigger issue. I looked online and saw that I could buy one for $35. With shipping almost $60. Ugh. I didn’t want to have to do that. Then, on a whim, I looked on Kijiji locally. There was a Brother foot control and with a little research I saw that it was the right one! At least it sure seems like it is. And it’s only $15 with no shipping! I felt brilliant! Now I just have to arrange a meet up.


Here are the goodies that came with it. Your standard stuff. I was a little peeved to see an invisible zipper foot since I recently bought one on eBay and had it shipped from China or somewhere. All of these feet fit Betsey too.

So I will likely get this machine working and either give it back to Nibs and offer some lessons to her. Or try to pass it on to a person in need. Not sure exactly how I’ll find someone but I can put some feelers out there. Wouldn’t the gift of sewing to a single mother or family in need be a good thing? 

YOU CAN HELP!  Brother, the company (Big Brother?) has offered to mail me a complimentary manual for this machine but it has to go to a US address.  I’m in Canada.  Any of my American friends willing to receive the manual and send it on to me?  Obviously I will pay for postage.  Send me an email fallingthroughyourclothes<at>gmail<dot>com please!

And now my big surprise!


I’m going to London! In May! It was a spur of the moment decison early Tuesday at about 1am.  We were looking for places to vacation in California, USA for May and then just decided to go to London instead!  The first thing I did was locate Liberty London and Walthamstow Market. For fabric obviously. We are also going to see a couple of bands play while we are there and I must see some theatre.  The more iambic pentameter the better!

Oh, I’m so excited! If you have any hints, tips, suggestions, please let me know. It will be in early May so bring on the knowledge!

What I’m listening to: London Calling by The Clash (I couldn’t resist!)


15 thoughts on “My New Brother and a Big Surprise!

    • I was thinking that I might do a meet-and-greet, if anyone is interested. It would be completely selfish as I would gain insider knowledge of London. All I bring to the table is my sunny personality! 🙂 And maybe some Canadian maple syrup.

    • Done and done!
      The Globe is totally on my list. To be honest I had to google V&A. Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design. I seem to recall reading about a meetup there on someone’s blog… Consider it added to the list!
      Thanks so much!

  1. I’m so jealous! I want to go to London! You are going to have a great time, I’m sure. I’m in the U.S. and would love to help out with the Brother manual. Will send you a separate email on that.

    • Thanks for the offer! So many helpful people!
      I did get someone to help me.
      I’m so excited for London I could burst! Trying to resolve that I won’t see everything. But I’m going to try!

  2. Ugh, I remember fighting those bobbin cases when I used to sew on my mom’s old machine. I guess I’m spoiled by the drop-in kind too. Kudos to you on getting it all fixed up, and I love the idea of finding a family in need to give it to.

    • I’ll post an update on the machine. It stitches like a dream.
      I’ll post when I’ve found a home for it. Kinda want to keep it after seeing the perfect tension… : /

  3. Liberty is awesome! We walked up, down, and around it until we found the back of it, also asked many people. For some reason it was so invisible…but you’re smart I’m sure you’ll have no problem. It also has a cut cafe. John Lewis, Habitat, Zara Home , Harrods…hmm I could go on.

    • I found another fabric shop that has lots of Liberty. But I do want to visit the actual Liberty so I can say that I saw it.
      Booked flights yesterday! Found our passports from the house move today… : /

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  5. I forgot to mention this in my email the other day, but when you buy tickets for shows, get up and go to the ticket center in Leicester Square first thing in the morning – we got SUCH amazing deals on great seats that way, and found that we were actually able to get tickets for almost any show we wanted. Mind you that was November, but it if you are open in terms of the shows you want to see then I highly recommend doing it that way. We also bought tickets to one show ahead of time just in case, but ended up seeing 5 shows over the 7 nights we were there.

    The Globe theater also doesn’t run shows in the winter so I definitely recommend trying to see whatever they have got going on while you are there – we would have had there been anything.

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