Begin the Begin

I just went for it!

I am supposed to start my Anniversary Dress but I need some supplies and I just haven’t made it to Fabricland. Terrible road conditions, still fighting pneumonia, and our family has a happy new distraction. My baby bro and his wife welcomed the most gorgeous baby boy on December 30th. I will call him JT on this blog. (Cry Me A River and all that.)

Anyway, I haven’t made it to the fabric store but was feeling like starting something. I cut into the Vietnamese silk that my little bro (not to be confused with my baby bro) and his wife brought back from their trip for me last year.


These are the bodice pieces. Aren’t they stunning?! I didn’t print match exactly but I did watch beak placement. I don’t want the birdies nipping at my nips?! Too much?


This is the dress on the pattern envelope and the fabric. The fabric colour is more accurate in this photo than the bodice photo. The fabric is not super shiny but is blue and not black.

Sometimes plans should just be scrapped! Especially when you get that feeling…you know, the one when you know you started the right project? I have that feeling right now!


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