Finished Item: Shiny Grey Elastic-waist Skirt



My go-to project! A quick complete to get my sew-jo back. Just 2 rectangles of fabric (floaty fabric is better-nothing too stiff) sewn together and onto an elastic. No pockets this time. I don’t normally use them on elastic-waist skirts. Too worried about weighing it down right off my hips!

I used my serger and did a rolled hem. Not the ideal choice but quickest and I like the look.


2014 has been an odd year. I haven’t done a lot of sewing between travel, visitors (my guest room is also my sewing room) and illness. But I keep making plans! The Anniversary Dress is up next with a few projects in between since it will be a doozy (pattern combining, pattern tracing, muslins). On a side note, one of my biggest blogging fears is that I won’t catch muslin being autocorrected to Muslim before I post. As in, I don’t normally do muslins (test garments) when I sew. Can you imagine?!

What is your blogging fear? What have you been sewing?


6 thoughts on “Finished Item: Shiny Grey Elastic-waist Skirt

    • Thanks! Good action. I want the Aniversary Dress done for April, a couple items for a trip in May, and a dress or outfit for a wedding in June. LONG TERM because I am so slow.

  1. Ha, I worry about that same thing with the word muslin. Maybe we ought to adopt the Brit term, toile? Good luck with your Anniversary Dress!

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